Why Do Voice Overs? – Use Mp3

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Why Do Voice Overs? – Use Mp3


I recently wrote about the way in which voice overs artists and studios use ISDN to connect together.

But more and more clients are requesting audio files are sent by e mail, and increasingly more and more voice talents are setting up their own home recording studios in response to this. In effect the voice over artist is becoming producer, audio engineer, and the talent!

At it's simplest the audio is recorded most commonly using a computer, compressed into mp3 format and forwarded as an attachment. As most people know the mp3 format reduces the file size with only a small loss of audio quality. For many applications most clients find mp3 to be suitable, although wav files are better quality and larger in size

The benefits for clients:

  • savings on studio costs. In effect the recording studio is by -passed as the voice artist supplies it, and very often makes little or no extra charge. In many ways this is a reflection of the relatively low cost of setting up a home studio. At it's most basic, a laptop, a microphone, and some editing software are all that is required.
  • speed – many voice artists offer same day service, so recording jobs can be turned round very quickly, without having to book studio time.

The downside?

  • not everyone has fantastic equipment, or the engineering skills to make a good recording. Whilst the basic equipment is fairly cheap, much better quality comes from having a more set set up, so not all home studios are the same. For example there is a wide selection of microphones, but some are much better than others.
  • not all voice artists are trained audio engineers, so mistakes in recording levels, popping, clicking and in editing can creep in.
  • no external producer to guide and check, so there may be mistakes in the interpretation of the script, or even simply reading the script correctly.

Of course reputable and serious voice artists will check all these things. When considering who to book, experience and track record are vital considerations.

Sadly some clients are not even bothered about quality – they just want a recording as cheaply as possible, expecting it to be used on the web and hear through low quality speakers!


Source by David Riley

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