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International Voiceover Agency

International Voiceover Agency operates internationally and is made up of a coordinated, dynamic and functional team of professionals in the audiovisual sector.

We are specialized in multilingual projects and we can manage the voiceovers for your audiovisual creations in all the languages you need in record time. We are a modern production company, made up of professionals with proven expertise in the audiovisual communication sector. We offer our clients a complete catalog of voices to give each project shape and character in the most efficient way.

We offer professional voiceovers in all languages, translations, creation of media campaigns, corporate audio, narrations, voice messaging, sounds for apps, loudspeaker systems and a long list of projects that require voiceover. We record in all the languages of the world and we provide the best voices for your videos.

We work with all kinds of companies. Our clients comprise a broad spectrum of all types and sizes, from local entrepreneurs to multinational companies.

We have delivered thousands of voiceovers to hundreds of clients and we are proud to say that our success rate with the first delivery is above 95%.

Quality Assurance

Our extensive experience in the sector has taught us how to identify critical error areas, their main causes and permanent solutions so that we may constantly achieve a success rate higher than 95%. In order to control and measure our ability to deliver high-quality voiceovers, we follow the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, which began in the automobile industry. These methods help us to define quality objectively, improve our general level of quality and finally, harmonize expectations with our clients.

We only work with experienced voice talents who have their own studio. This is how we can expedite projects in record time and guarantee what is most important to us, quality and timeliness.

We also know how to adapt and use new technologies. When necessary, we can provide you with the opportunity to supervise the recording in real time, through Skype, Source Connect Now or other systems, so you will not have to leave your workplace.

Maximum Dedication

We get involved in every project with our maximum dedication so that the final product delivered is perfect. All the information you can provide us about your project and its character will be relevant in order to deliver a high-quality product, that is, a perfect voiceover in the agreed time frame.

We know exactly what information we need for this, so each project begins with an information stage, in which we collect all the material and information needed. Basically, we make sure you know exactly what you need to achieve the project’s success in general. For this we have developed a standardized project alignment framework, which defines the essential information as well as the data that is simply useful.

On large projects and continuous collaborations, we will invite you to our meetings to ensure the quality of the project. As a basis for these meetings, we create a report to demonstrate our mutual efficiency, according to a set of predefined project parameters. This way we can constantly reinforce our collaboration and prevent the repetition of certain errors and inefficient behaviors.

We challenge the general belief in our sector, as we do not consider experience to be the only guarantee of quality. On the contrary, we achieve quality in our work by means of thorough knowledge of our business, our product and our clients, and by having clear, harmonious project expectations and delivery times for each job.


We offer a wide range of services to ensure quality in all the voiceover production stages. Our pre-production services are designed to make your work easier and ensure success with the first delivery.
  • We help you to identify a limited selection of voiceover demos that best suit the needs of your project, for example, tone of voice, budget, delivery time, etc.
  • A casting will give you a good base on which to decide so you concentrate on the small variations in the voices.
  • We ask one or more voice talents to record up to 100 words of your script. The best way to make the final decision is to hear an extract of your own text.
  • We will transcribe your video or audio file to create a script prepared for voiceover, taking special care with pronunciation, timing and synchronization. You can send us the video or audio file if you do not have the original script. This might be the case if you decide to translate a video that is already finished.
  • If needed we will translate your script with special consideration of the differences in language and rhythm. As there are specific requirements in translation for voiceover, we will obtain the translation needed to deliver a complete final product. We will take care of structuring, editing, revising, fixing pronunciation problems and time coding. We need your script to fulfill our production criteria in order to ensure a quality delivery within the required time frame.
  • We offer you the opportunity to give instructions directly to the voice talent before the recording is performed. A live session is an effective way of ensuring that the voice talent understands your expectations before recording.
  • We do not accept errors. We will repeat the recording if it does not fulfill the project requirements, at no additional cost.
  • We give you the chance to make changes to your script after recording. A correction allows you to make changes without having to pay the full price of a new recording.
  • Our voice talents deliver unclean recordings but perfection lies in post-production.
  • We can ask an impartial native translator to listen to the recording to make sure it meets your requirements. This will help a lot if you do not have the linguistic skills to approve the recording.
  • We remove all the extra sounds, including breathing, smacking, plosives and saliva. File cleaning is essential in the voiceover production process to achieve a clear recording.
  • We enhance key elements and eliminate errors to prepare your voiceover for the final mix. This process depends on your requirements and the final product. The purpose of mastering is to optimize your voiceover to make it sound the best possible.
  • We divide your recording into separate files with unique names. Dividing files is necessary when the voiceover is used in an IVR system or e-learning, for example, but it can also be done to have more flexibility in the post-production process.
  • We create the final mix of the voiceover with your music and/or sound effects, which we can add to your video. We know how to find the perfect balance in the final mix and ensure audio and visual synergy.
  • We offer a complete, comprehensive service, managing the whole project from the beginning to the end if need be. We help you in the creative process, we carefully select the voices, music and background sound that best fit your project, and we will deliver the final product ready to be used.


Given the infinite amount of combinations available when quoting a project, we calculate the price based on countless details, such as the different services required, the voice selected, the duration, the media it will be used in, etc., so the price will always be adaptable and adapted to your project. The quote will be completely personalized and tailored to each job and its particular needs.

We calculate the price based on the details of your project. Among our services and voices there are thousands of combinations, and it would be impossible to list all the possibilities. We want you to concentrate on your project and its requirements.

Our information and consultancy department is prepared to give you a free quote for your voiceover project, with no obligations. We will make sure to study your project to give you the guidance you need to guarantee that the quote includes all the voiceover services needed to meet your expectations, so the final project is just what you need to make your client completely satisfied.

Our Studio

Voiceover Agency is the first voiceover agency in Spain with different offices throughout the country.

All of the voice talents we work with have their own professional studio. This allows us to expedite projects and be able to adapt to the time frames proposed by our clients.

Thanks to the progress of new technologies, clients may request to supervise the recording and be present while it is underway. They can do this anywhere through Skype, Source Connect Now or similar methods (so simple that you can even connect with a smartphone) in order to hear everything that goes on during the recording session.

But for those who require the recording to be onsite, we have a recording studio in Madrid equipped with the latest technology and all the comforts possible so that your clients feel attended to and can talk to the chosen voice talent in person.

The studio is located at Glorieta López de Hoyos 3; in Madrid, Republica Argentina metro station.

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