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Professional voice talents make recordings sound natural and easy to do as well. It’s no wonder that many people think that anyone can do this. However, professional voiceovers are like other artists or athletes. When people hear a great pianist play or see a sports star, they know they haven’t achieved this status overnight. It normally takes several years to get to that point. Thinking that you only need a good voice to be a voiceover is like saying that all a good actor needs is to look attractive. Having a good voice helps but it is just one small piece of the puzzle, because being able to use your voice correctly is a whole other thing.

For example, having a good singing voice doesn’t mean you can make a living singing professionally. It takes a lot of training, hard work and dedication to become a professional singer. The same goes for professional voiceovers.

This is the golden rule: The quality of the voiceover you hire will reflect the quality of your product or service. Your clients will associate the voice you select with what you offer. In other words, the choice of a professional voice talent shows the value of your company or service to others.

Remember that many times what you get is what you pay for. Don’t expect a gourmet meal for the price charged at a fast food restaurant. This is why it’s always worth it to hire a professional.

Voiceover is the narration that is heard in advertisements on television, cinema, radio, e-learning (online courses), internet, DVDs/CDs, company and product presentations, documentaries, podcasts, animated films, flash presentations, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), marketing, GPS technology, etc.

Yes, all our voiceovers are professionals and they use professional studios and recording equipment. A minimum of five years of experience is needed to be part of the voice directory, although the vast majority of them have extensive experience in the audiovisual sector.

Yes, all the voiceovers in our voice directory are native speakers. Each one of them records only in his or her native language.

Yes, you can hire as many voiceovers as you need for each recording. The price of the project will increase in proportion with the number of voices that participate in it.

Your script will be recorded in a professional studio. All our voiceovers use professional studios, and our sound engineers verify the quality of the equipment and sound before offering a voice talent to our clients.

Most of our voice talents live in their countries of origin and record in professional studios in their area, which makes it difficult for them to come to your studio.

However, we do offer live sessions by Skype, ISDN or telephone, or you may speak with the voiceover before the recording, which is very useful.

We will send you a quote based on the information that you provide (length of text, use of the voiceover, voice talent selection, etc.) Once you send written confirmation that the quote is approved, we will begin the recording process with the voiceover chosen for the project.

The texts can be sent to the following email: info@voiceoveragency.es

If you know that you will need to record the script at a certain time, you may reserve the voiceover beforehand. Thus the delivery time may be shortened. If you cancel the reservation less than 24 hours before the scheduled recording, a cancellation charge will be applied to compensate the voiceover, as it is probable that he or she may have cancelled other projects in order to be available for you.

Yes, send us the text and we will gladly send up to one minute of a free personalized demo. The more information that you specify about what you would like to hear (tone, speed, etc.); the easier it will be to give it the touch you need.

Free demos may have small changes in the text to guarantee that they can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Most of our voice talents do free personalized demos but some charge a small fee.

To prevent this from happening, we will ask you to select all the difficult names or specialized terminology from the text to be recorded. You will need to mark these words in bold and specify how they should be pronounced, so that the voiceover you have chosen can go ahead with the project with these difficulties already worked out.

Indeed, we send a clean recording, ready to use, which will save you time and money.

Our technical team edits and cleans all the recordings so that the final product will be of maximum quality.

We can deliver the recording in the audio format that you need.

If you lack information about this and need advice, we will help you find the audio format that is most convenient for your project. In general, the most common and recommended format is .wav. We don’t recommend recordings in the popular .mp3 because the sound quality is poorer.

Everything depends on the pace of the recording.

It is very important to realize that one thing is to read and to interpret is another, so the client can read a text and think that this estimates the time.

The voiceover tempo for an advertisement or spot is about 2.4 words per second. In advertisements with different characters the voiceover may be slowed to even 2 words per second. In voiceovers for videos the pace tends to be a maximum of 3 words per second. The average of words per minute in corporate recordings is 140 words per minute.

These times include the music that completes the production time when needed.

Many word processors have a word count option. This is the best way to calculate the time.

The delivery time depends on the length of the script and the availability of the voice talent you have selected.

Most of our voiceovers have a 24-hour delivery time for scripts with up to 3,000 words.

It all depends on your project. A text with 20,000 words takes more time than a 30-second advertisement. Texts with up to 800 words can normally be recorded in 24 hours or even before then, counting from the time the text is received.

The maximum delivery time for productions is 24 hours, after the reception of the text (unless the same client requests more than 20 productions at the same time, in which case it may take another 24 hours).

Changes in the script after recording are charged as a re-recording fee. The re-recording fee will depend on the amount of text to be repeated and it will normally be less than the original voiceover price.

Certainly, we offer you the chance to talk with the voiceover before the recording so you can give him or her specific instructions and make clarifications about pronunciation issues or any other aspect that you seem fit.

This service may have an additional cost. We recommend you check first with the person who is coordinating your project in the agency.

If you are not satisfied with the recording and you would like another tone of voice, pace or style, we will record a new version to achieve the desired result.

In order to avoid having to make repetitions, your help is very valuable. We will ask you to provide instructions on how you want the voiceover, as well as a pronunciation guide for the words that require this.

This is the reason why the recordings go through an audition process. What is approved during this process is what is delivered, including the vocal style, pace, audio quality, etc.

If you don’t like the recording or need to make changes to the pace, inflections or other changes, we can do this for free within reason. Everything else will be charged according to the current rates.

The rates are subject to, among other things, the use given to the voiceover and where it is broadcast.

Depending on the media used to broadcast it, the prices may vary considerable, with recordings for television, radio and internet paid advertising being more expensive. This is because they reach more people and the royalties cost more.

In general, mass media use is defined as that destined for radio and television.

Apart from mass media, there are other uses, such as e-learning (online courses), DVDs/CDs, company and product presentations, podcasts, animated films, flash presentations and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

But there are also exceptions that can be considered a hybrid between mass media use and other uses, such as internet and streaming services.

A live session is done from the voiceover’s studio, and the client can listen to the recording in real time by Skype, ISDN, Source-Connect or telephone.

This gives the client the chance to give the voiceover instructions while he or she records and to solve small problems and doubts about the script.

Yes. We have professional sound engineers working for us and they can help you if you need post-editing. This includes splitting audio files into smaller files, time coding or synchronizing them with film or video.

We love challenges. If you have a request that does not fit the voice talent examples we have, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.

In order to make an advertisement or production we need:
– The text.
– The length of the ad.
– Indications for the tone of the ad.
– The type of music to accompany the advertisement or production.
– The delivery time (24 hours or rush order).

It is very important to indicate the scope of the ad broadcasting (local, regional, state-wide or nation-wide) and how many stations it will used for. The stressed syllable of proper names, such as brands, streets and cities must be marked. Words in other languages must have the exact pronunciation specified. If this is not specified and the pronunciation is incorrect, the production of the ad will be charged again.

The music that is used is from libraries for which we have acquired usage rights. Many agencies/radio stations don’t know that the fees paid to the copyright association to broadcast commercial music on the radio don’t include the making of ads or spots, as the use of this music can’t be for commercial uses (unless the ad is for a concert of the same group or singer). If you wish to use commercial music with royalties, you will have to contact the owner of the music or the representative of the singer/group/musician, and agree on a price. In this case we will only send the voice recording and not the final mix. If you want a cover (version) of a song or personalized music, we have professional musician services.

The price includes the rights for the corresponding broadcasting and the time to record and edit the audio in a professional studio using original software and professional equipment.

During editing we remove errors in the recording, breaths, saliva sounds, etc., which means that you will receive a file with the complete recording and with excellent sound. We can split the recording into smaller files, for example, according to paragraphs marked in the script, with an additional cost per file but only for large volumes of file divisions.

The prices are always reasonable and average for the market. Keep in mind that the rate largely depends on the details of the project. A national television ad has a different price in comparison with a corporate voiceover. Check our rates or contact us to request a personalized quote.

Do not you find what you are looking for? Contact us! And we will help you.

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