Why Companies Use a Female Voice Over

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Why Companies Use a Female Voice Over


Why is it that companies like to have a female voice over? When ever you ring up a company that puts you straight through to an automated voice service, it is more often than not the voice of a female that leads and informs you.

There are many corporates that use a female voice over for all their automated phone services, this is because of the years that businesses have had women on their frontline staff; as the phone switchboard, secretaries and customer service representatives. There is a societal perception that if a women answers the phone then they have come through to the correct number. How often have you run a large company and been a bit confused when a male answers the phone? Women also have a natural ability to calm callers and re-insure them that their needs are important and being taken care of.

It can also be an important factor to have a more mature sounding voice on the phone. A young female voice could make your callers feel like they are dealing with a staff member that is too young and inexperienced to be able to help them.

If you are looking for a female voice over artist, then you need to look no further than With One Voice. Jo Wilton, the founder and director of With One Voice, has a crisp and clear female voice that is perfect for the corporate environment.

At 40 years old Jo's voice has a mature sound to it, encouraging listeners with a calming influence that someone who knows what they are doing, is in charge.


Source by Michelle Rudge

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