What It Takes To Become A Music Video Editor

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What It Takes To Become A Music Video Editor


Being good enough to make audio visual production at a level that can be used for, and you are in demand for, in relation to music videos will take a little more than training. Having a background that suits the industry and having the right network of people is highly important. Let's look at some of the things that you will need.

  • Skills required for a career as a music video editor. A good music video editor has a keen eye and good hand for being able to tell a good story. A high level of editing skill so that you can splice elements together so your work in invisible. Obviously your level of technical ability needs to be at the highest level and having artistic ability.
  • Highly competitive environment. Because of the nature of the music industry you must understand that you will be competitive at the highest levels. An absolute minimum of a bachelor's degree in Film Studies or a related field successfully completing an apprenticeship program will not ensure your career. Developing your own network will be extremely important. Making all the right friends along the way can never be stressed enough.
  • Self study. Any professional that is going to reach the height in their industry must be prepared for more than just the norm. Many of those who are the best are able to do things that and understand their field more than what is available to study. Developing your own skills and going beyond that of what is considered the know-how in the industry is required. Being ahead of the curve and creating new techniques will be your minimum requirement. Your career must be more than just a job it must be a passion.
  • Stepping stones. Getting exposed along the way as you develop your skills is highly important. Making your own videos and using the internet can be one of the best and fastest ways to show off your talent – you never know who is watching. Getting exposure in other environments, making great corporate audio visual materials is a way to get your work attached to high profile names.
  • Being involved in the music industry. Your network of friends and associates may start from the beginning and being involved in music and the arts from early days is so essential to developing your career. Being able to understand and mix well with artistic types and speak their language is so important.

This is one of those careers if you are serious about, you will probably just have to go on your gut instinct, and a lot of personal sacrifice will be involved. Doing work on a pro bono basis to get the experience and getting recognition will be so important. Having the networking skills and knowing where and when to be somewhere at the right time. Developing your own brand and name and maximizing your exposure are your talents.


Source by Adrian Silvers

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