Web Video Production on the Rise

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Web Video Production on the Rise


It has been published by Online Casale Media, a media business, that the growth of video ads purchased by marketers and online promoters will increase by as much as 25 percent within the next year. This ratio equals to about 23.9 percent of complete ad costs on the whole World Wide Web.

In the study, "Digital Video Ads: Removing Barriers," it questioned over 150 media professionals, planners and buyers at conventions from all over the United States. This specific study was aimed at gaining information about the ideals and principles that form the decision over a certain media choice.

In the day and age where information and media is at your fingertips, it is easy to be able to get your information in many different forms. It has been found that most people are more willing to watch a video clip than they are to read a short paragraph. When you use video, you are able to employ more elements into your advertisement than just the visual aspect. In a web video you are able to use visual, audio and entertainment value as a ways to reach your audience.

Most of the participants of the study believed that it was a more attractive and innovative way to showcase their commitment to potential buyers or investors.

eMarketer performed their own analysis and found that 85% of the business's that purchase ads would do so if it meant that the deal would be not very complex and cost-effective. Over one-third of the cases believed that the complexity issue was not worth the investment deal.

Web videos can help your company expand their ranking on Google and other search engine results. When you upload a video, you have all the keywords that an article would have but since the way a product is presented for a customer, the content is put at an increased value. Your visitors can then rate the video, comment or share. When the video is shared it can be shared for free by anyone and you will see the benefit of free advertisement or even if it goes viral. When these videos are then regularly posted and linked back to a homepage for a business all this content is put in an algorithm by Google and then ratings are then boosted.

Financial Return

The reason some companies are wary when they go into this territory, is because there is a hard time when it comes to handling the Return on Investment (ROI-40 percent) and it can be hard to pinpoint just how effective they are. This could only be because it is under explored territory. Joe Casale, the CEO of Casale Media believes some media outlets in the web view web video production as the 'Untamable Wild.' This would be in reference to the fact that it is a frontier that will keep moving and changing no matter who believes that they can get a foothold over it.

He went on to further add that this study helped gain material for other companies to make educated choices when it came to dealing with their online presence.


Source by Quinn O.

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