VoIP – Calling Options With Voice Over Internet Protocol

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VoIP – Calling Options With Voice Over Internet Protocol


One of the reasons VoIP is so poplar is it affords users multiple methods for placing a phone call. Here are some choices you have when you use VoIP services:

Buy an IP phone

You can purchase a special phone that looks much like an ordinary phone, but offers an Ethernet connector. This means you can connect the phone to your router and make IP calls easily from your computer once hooked up correctly. Developers are also currently working on Wi-Fi versions of these phones, which will allow consumers to place calls from anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

Connect from one computer to another

This is probably the least complicated way to take advantage of VoIP. Simply connect computer to computer to the person you want to call. You will need some equipment, including a microphone (so you can talk to someone), speakers (to hear them) and a sound card. You'll probably also want a fast internet connection. Other than that, use this method and you can make free long distance calls anywhere in the world.

Use an analog telephone adapter

An analog telephone adapter or ATA lets you connect your computer or Internet connection to an ordinary phone so you can take advantage of VoIP technology. This converter will change analog signals into digital information your computer can interpret. All you have to do is plug a cable connecting your phone to your computer and you are ready to go!


Source by Frank Owen

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