Voiceover Work in the Economic Downturn

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Voiceover Work in the Economic Downturn


How is the looming recession affecting your voiceover business? Some voice talents have reported a downturn of 30%, others not so high but some voice talents have been hit even harder. Experienced voiceover artists hope to weather the storm, but where this does leave the novice voice artist, and those just dipping their toe in the voiceover market.

Over the past 6 weeks, I've noticed a slow down in direct voiceover inquiries and online & offline audition opportunities. It may just be a blip or could indicate a more general trend for the coming months and years.

So what does this all mean?

1. Will new wannabe voice talents move quickly out of the voiceover business as voiceover jobs become harder and harder to come by? Will this leave more work for the established artists?

2. Will new voiceover talents who offer their services at lower prices than established talent pick up more and more work as clients cut their voiceover budget?

3. Will clients start using "John from accounts with the nice voice" to record their voicemail messages, telephone greetings rather than a pro voice artist?

4. Will established talent have to drop their rates to secure work?

5. Will potential clients be more alive to the benefits of using a professional Voice to create a professional brand and image for their company?

6. Will voice talents have to re-double their marketing efforts? Will we have to find new markets for our services as traditional voiceover markets retract?

7. Is amateur hour almost over? Voiceover artists are now going to have to take their business seriously – invest in their marketing, their websites, SEO, analyze wherever all or any of the online casting sites are worth the investment, work on promotion and discover their versatility and adaptability.

8. When will it all end – and how many of us will be left standing?


Source by Alison Pitman

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