Voiceover and Sound – 10 Ways to Use Audio on Your Website

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Voiceover and Sound – 10 Ways to Use Audio on Your Website


Voiceover and audio can really enhance any business or personal website. It can help your website stand out and hold prospective buyers attention. Integrating voiceover and other audio into your website can have a positive effect on product interest and increase your conversions and sales. Listed below are some examples of how website audio can be used to good effect.

1. Speaking Characters- Sitepal for example allows you to create your own animated character which you can either add your own voice or add recordings from a professional voiceover artist.

2. Website welcome greeting – create a short welcome message to your site visitors.

3. Website navigation – Add audio to your navigation buttons. Click on the navigation buttons in this example (evolve-studios.net/evolve/)

4. Product tour narration – Describe to your visitors how to use your product and the benefits your product offers them.

5. Background music – Create a friendly website, relax your visitors & increase your sales.

6. Podcasts – Offer your site visitors free podcasts available to listen online and to download to their mp3 player so they can listen on the move!

7. Audio articles – Offer free informative audio articles for your visitors to listen to as they browse your site.

8. Audio testimonials – increase the validity of your testimonials by asking your customers to provide you an audio testimonial for your website.

9. Audio logo – "The sound logo is one of the tools of sound branding, along with the jingle, brand music, and brand theme. sound "- wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_branding/

10. Online training audio – Train your staff online by creating online training programs narrated by a professional voiceover artist.


Source by Alison Pitman

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