Voice Overs? Why Would You Need Professional Voice Over Talent?

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Voice Overs? Why Would You Need Professional Voice Over Talent?


The business world is flooded with presentations. Meetings are filled with slides, videos, webinars and other communication tools. The graphics, animations and color schemes are appealing. Too often, however, someone reads the text displayed on the screen in a matter-of-fact tone that is not always effective. What is a marketing executive, Human Resources manager, Vice President, etc. to do? The answer is found with professional voice over artists, those unseen talent who acting translates mere words into a message that "speaks" to your audience.

A professional voice talent is your key to a successful presentation. First, there are no mistakes, fumbles or errors in the finished product. The talent fulfills your script strictly to your specifications and audience. This is not reading the words on the page. You have heard that too many times. A good voice talent is directed by the words you provide and smart voice artists know the project is about communicating to your audience with believability. It's not about us. Our goal is to make listeners feel that we are speaking to each of them personally. There is a talent in voice overs like any other industry and it pays to hire a professional voice artist. Second, consistent delivery is essential for multiple presentations. You have the confidence of using a great performance to deliver your message allowing you to follow-up as the true subject matter expert.

Voice over services are flexible to meet your project needs. Consider the style of voice over you want. That includes gender and age as well as energy level and pace of delivery. A sales and marketing kick-off needs a different style than a documentary or company history. Perhaps you want a character voice to spice up the information. The possibilities are almost infinite. That is why it is essential for you to work closely with your voice artist. The more we understand the project, the easier it is for us to deliver what you need. Many voice over talent include a certain amount of revisions in their contract. Be sure to discuss your budget and delivery deadline as well.

There really is no project too big or too small. Our performance are heard on voice mail and on-hold messaging, business and government presentations, audio books, documentaries, technical training, internet videos and awards programs. We're not just for radio and television commercials. Use a professional voice artist to enhance your next presentation and hear the difference.


Source by Neal Oxman

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