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Voice Overs Make You Look Professional


There is no crime in making yourself look successful or professional, to make prospect want to work with you. In fact, if you do not take steps to do just that, it does not matter how good you are at whatever you do, no one will care. No one will want to hire you. It would be like wearing shabby clothes to a business meeting and giving people your card. They're going to throw them away because they assume that, if this is the image you give the world about your own company, it is the same image you will give the world about their company. Something as simple as a voice artist can do the opposite for you. A voice artist on your outgoing messages can tell the world you are a detail-oriented, consummate professional.

Then, prospective clients will think that you'll look to the details in their projects too, that you will make sure every little thing says "perfect," "tight" … "professional." Something as simple as a voice artist can do that for you. For one thing, a voice artist will tell the world that you are successful enough to hire the professionals to do the things that you should not be tackling yourself. For another thing, hiring a voice artist will tell the world that you put some thought into something as seemingly inconclusive as your outgoing message. When they call you, they will reap the benefit of that decision to hire a voice artist, as they will hear a pleasant voice that is not like all the canned voices out there.

And they will assume that, because you have the money to hire a voice artist – even if it does not cost a great deal of money – that you must be doing well. People usually want to use the businesses that are successful, because they suppose these businesses must be doing something right. Benjamin Franklin understands this concept very well, even as a young man. When he started a printing company, he rushed around with his wheelbarrow full of paper reams, pretending he was busy filling orders. Soon, he found that he was busy with real orders. But business would not have been so quick to build for a printer that people thought did not have anything to do. Franklin knew that, in order to become successful, he first had to appear successful. Hiring a voice artist can create the same phenomenon for you.

In short, hiring a voice artist is a way to get as much mileage as possible from something that most people overlook or rush through – their outgoing message. Be the one people remember. By hiring a voice artist, you become the one that people want to call.


Source by Terry Daniel

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