Voice Overs – An Effective Technique to Enhance the Viewing Experience

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Voice Overs – An Effective Technique to Enhance the Viewing Experience


The entertainment industry has been enhanced in recent years thanks to advances in technology that make the viewing experience of audiences even more compelling and entertaining. In particular, production houses have started to use a lot of voice overs in productions to give a more gripping effect of a particular scene by allowing a narrator to express thoughts or emotions verbally while the scene is being played out.

By definition, voice overs are really production techniques where a narrator is used to voice thoughts or opinions in radio, television, theater or film presentations. This type of feature allows viewers to actually hear the thoughts that are representative of the visuals that are being seen on screen or on stage without actually seeing the person speaking. Voice overs are also used successfully to give personalities and character as well as voices to animated characters in successful TV and film presentations.

In many cases, voice overs are used to give the effect of storytelling or reflection while the character is currently onscreen. In some cases, the thoughts of the speaker may not necessarily be introduced when that person is present in a particular scene, however what is being said often relates to what the viewer is seeing at that present moment. This technique helps viewers to understand the storyline and plot, as well as the perspective of the characters.

Voice overs have been used in many other ways, including for live sports broadcasts when announcers are giving their feedback and analysis on major sporting events. Technology has certainly allowed even sports to be more interactive and communicative, by allowing announcers of basketball, football and baseball teams to give the viewers at home a play by play account of what is happening on the field or court. The use of this technique has made viewing sports on television a favorite past time of many people worldwide.

One might also be accredited to hearing voice overs on game shows, as this technique was commonly used in the past for announcing contestants who were about to participate in the show. The technique was also used to announce prizes that would have been awarded to winners of particular competitions. Now that you think back, you might actually remember hearing a distinctively recognizable voice on most television game shows.

Voice overs are commonly done by popular names in the industry, although there is a great opportunity for newcomers to get their feet in the market. Some of the most popular names over time include James Earl Jones, Nancy Cartwright, Don LaFontaine, Chris Rock, Hank Azaria and Leonard Nimoy. Of course, there are many others, but these in particular have the kind of voice that stands out to just about any listener.

Voice overs inevitably provide enhancements to a viewing experience, whether on television, in film or in theater. Next time you are watching a presentation, consider the effect that the voice over in a particular scene has on your overall viewing experience.


Source by Peter Kaestner

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