Voice Over IP Telephone Systems – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Voice Over IP Telephone Systems – Advantages and Disadvantages


You have seen the commercials and find the entire Voice over IP or VoIP very enticing because the Telephone Systems have one huge advantage, it is cheap when compared to what your local telephone service can offer. You can use the VoIP with the cordless phone of your choice and since you already pay for high-speed Internet, you figure it worth looking into.

VoIP uses your existing high-speed Internet connection, which must be DSL, cable modem, or broadband connection, a dial-up Internet will not work. By using some of your Internet's broadband "juice" you can get telephone service. VoIP has advanced over the past several years and today is much clearer than it once was. Therefore, you can have Telephone Systems that run completely via your broadband connection.

The Advantages of VoIP

One of the largest advantages to the VoIP Telephone Systems is the cost, because it is a fraction of what you would pay using your local telephone company. In addition, you get standard features such as call waiting, call blocking, call forwarding, and voicemail options that cost you nothing extra. This means that you will pay a standard monthly or annual fee and have unlimited long distance and local calling, no surprises when the bill arrives; it is always the same price.

Because of the price of VoIP, it has become very popular for home users that just want a backup phone for their home because they probably also have cell phones, so the VoIP is just an extra line and with the cost being so low, it can be a very wise investment.

It can help keep the cost of your cell phone bill down, especially if you have chatty teens that seem to be glued to the phone. By having VoIP Telephone Systems, they can talk as much as they want, and it is all included in the one low monthly fee. This allows you to change the plans on your cell phone to something that is much cheaper.

The Disadvantages to VoIP

The biggest drawback to the VoIP phone system is that if your Internet goes down, your phone will also be off. Therefore, you could be on a very important call and if your Internet drops the signal, you are immediately cut off from your call.

The other major disadvantage is if your electricity were to go out, so would your phone because you need electricity in order to turn your computer on and hook to the Internet. Therefore, if a storm were to knock out your power, you would be without the use of the telephone.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line for most people that choose the VoIP option is the price, it is so much cheaper, they figure even if it went down once in awhile, they still have their cell phones to use for emergencies. The bottom line is what you are most comfortable with and what your budget allows.


Source by John Kirzno

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