Voice Over IP Reviews – Important Things You Need to Be Aware Of

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Voice Over IP Reviews – Important Things You Need to Be Aware Of


Are you thinking about switching over from your traditional landline to going online with an Internet phoneline? You are not the only one. Many homes and businesses these days are making the big switch for numerous reasons, such as to save costs. This is especially because these days almost every home or office has a broadband Internet connection, which has enabled people around the world to stay in touch with other locally, nationwide, or internationally with just a simple click of the button.

These days, there are many VoIP companies which offer their services to both homes and corporate offices. Although many of these companies are good, you should read VoIP reviews to prevent any costly wrong choices in case you do end up with a company with a reputation that just is not as good compared to the competition. In addition, there are many different types of plans out there to suit the budget and calling preferences of the user (s).

The major VoIP providers in the USA include Netspeak, Cisco, VocalTec, 3Com, Viatalk, Vonage, Verizon, SunRocket, Lingo, Skype, and Packet8. They have truly made way to bring VoIP into today's world and even have functions that we would normally find in any landline phone or cell phone such as directory services, touch-tone signals for automatic voice mail, as well as call distribution.

As there are so many of these Internet telephone companies these days, this is how VoIP reviews are handy. This is because reviews can help you discover the positives and negatives of certain providers due to independent reviews instead of just flashy marketing that tempts you to buy, or biased reviews. You should also check to see when those reviews were made, because the issues from negative reviews made even just a year or two ago may have already been rectified.

Another thing to note when you do read these Voice Over IP Reviews include call quality, prices or plans, and other features. Some VoIP is relatively new, you should make sure that you choose a company that has fantastic call quality so that your calls will not result in fuzziness, echoes, dropping off, and more.

When reading the reviews, make sure to check out their plans. Some of the plans are similar to cell phone charges, so do not forget to read over reviews to check out what is the best for you or to find out if any companies are sneaking in some hidden costs.

You should also read what features the VoIP provider offers, as not every company provides the same services. Great features that may be of interest to you include voice mail, account management, video, and call forwarding.

Something else that is worthy to read about in reviews is customer service and any sneaky terms and conditions. Some companies are terrific at marketing and sales, but they end up being terrible in customer "service". It is always great to be connected with a company that has a locally-based call center or branch in your area, just in case there are any technical difficulties.


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