Voice over IP Providers – What is VoIP?

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Voice over IP Providers – What is VoIP?


Voice over IP providers are offering services without which many businesses can not function. The introduction of telephones and later the internet had an incredible effect on the methods used by businesses to communicate and function.

No longer a slave to postal services and long waits for information, business owners have been able to stretch their companies to the maximum running capacity thanks to superfast internet, incredibly quick access to information and immediate communication with clients.

Distance is no longer a problem for businesses, but other communication challenges have arisen. These include increasing costs, bad service providers and unreliable, unsecure technology that have caused businesses to look for other ways of communicating instead of utilizing regular telephone lines.

Hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has become a highly popular business communication solution. This is due to prolific high speed internet connections and the opportunities this has created for improved business communication. Hosted VoIP is an internet based telecommunications system, mostly dependent on software instead of hardware and offers features such as calling, voice mail, fax and email.

How does it work and what are the features?

Hosted VoIP functions through a platform run by the service provider. An application server controls phone systems via the internet by digitizing voice signals and sending them through a high speed internet connection. After this, the call is sent to the platform where the signal is switched to PSTN (public switched telephone network) or to another VoIP terminal, such as another VoIP phone.

Using a hosted VoIP system comes with many features which outweigh regular telephone lines.

Specialized for business, VoIP is a communication tool of the future. Using VoIP lowers costs dramatically between sites with some providers offering free calls between sites. As the systems are very heavy on software, the control tools are usually online tools which are user-friendly and do not need any training to operate. These tools allow users to stipulate when, where and from what they receive calls from phones that can be programmed to function off-site if necessary.

Voicemail and faxes are accessible through any phone or internet connection and can all be sent to one inbox as emails or a voicemail. Multiple calls can be managed, as well as functions such as call forwarding, call barring, incoming line monitoring, online call analysis, and three way conferencing.

Hosted VoIP Benefits

The benefits of using hosted VoIP in business include cheaper rates, better user flexibility and control, better functionality and reliability and dedicated technical support.

Hosted VoIP offers free calls between sites plus reduced line rental and calls to normal lines. This saves any business a great deal on their communication budget, as staff can make calls within the company for free and with cheaper line rental. Maintenance and support is free for subscribers and if either is required, it does not require a call out fee or continued support charges. Detailed call reports and online billing is available.

Hosted VoIP allows businesses to have access to fully integrated extension dialing, allowing employees to leave the office and still be contactable via the hosted VoIP network. The phone and its features follow subscribers allowing out of office communication to function without major costs. These extensions are adjustable and controlled over software using the internet, and adjustments can be made easily online.

For those businesses that are hesitant to switch from a traditional PBX phone to a hosted VoIP system, the fact that many hosted VoIP systems offer traditional PBX functionality, as well as the advanced user features of VoIP should be recognized. Users can add and subtract lines as needed as a hosted VoIP system is fully scalable. Hosted VoIP offers a fully resilient and secure carrier class service with dedicated technical support and maintenance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Voice over IP has become a major benefit for business communication. Owing to the incredible features and benefits available from voice over IP providers, all business enterprises, whether small or large, are able to benefit from the increased functionality, control and reduced costs of VoIP. Voice over IP providers are a pivotal feature in telecommunications that can propel a business enterprise into the future of communication.


Source by Rosemary Grace Brooks

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