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When you are speaking about Voice over IP Phone systems, you need to know what a VoIP is and what it does before you can deal with the systems and phones that use this particular protocol. VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a very general term that defines Voice technologies for use over the internet. This basically means that all communications are done through the Internet as opposed to a land based communications system. The development of the market started in 2004 and gives you three ways to connect such as softphone, VoIP phones and ATA. For this article, we will be speaking about VoIP.

VoIP Phone systems are becoming more popular in recent years. The VoIP protocol does not use the standard landline, so the trouble with phone lines is eliminated. You can, with the proper telephone setup, receive crystal clear communications. So what kind of a VoIP protocol phone should you use? The answer to that is pretty much dependent upon your needs for the VoIP such as business needs. One thing to bear in mind is that using this protocol can be connected and used in two or more different locations.

Another vital item of importance when dealing with VoIP is that phone costs are much lower than traditional landlines. If you are looking for particular models to use in your business, one of the VoIP telephone systems that you may want to consider is the Linksys SPA9000. This unit can be used for either a small business or home office. This model is listed as having 4 compatible phones per unit and works with most Internet Service Providers. This uses the VoIP technology to the fullest with features such as intercom, call forwarding, auto attendant and shared lines.

There are other VoIP telephones that can be used in running a business cost effectively by using this protocol. If you wish a smaller phone for the capabilities, then the Avaya 4602 is one that you may be interested in. This unit has 9 fixed feature keys, 2 lines and a 24 character display which is also compatible with Microsoft Netmeeting. If you have a larger office, then a Wave IP 500 system may be the best choice for you. This system works by allowing selectively run applications, supporting thousands of sites and provides the core applications that you need for business.

In conclusion, using the Voice over IP Phone systems is a cost saving measure that does not tie up landlines, lowers costs and provides better service than with regular landlines. There are many different types of this type of protocol in many different phone sets for large or small businesses. The cost savings can be passed on to the business in lower communications costs. The bottom line is that by utilizing the newer technology of the VoIP, you not only can do more, but you can also do more for less and not communications communications quality by using this technology in place of existing telephone lines.


Source by Christian Ray Dinopol

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