Voice Over IP Companies … Which One Is Best for Me?

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Voice Over IP Companies … Which One Is Best for Me?


Voip (pronounced "Voip") is a technology that allows people to communicate with one another by sending digital voice packets across the Internet, rather than across more traditional telecom networks. Not only is this sort of communicative system more productive, allowing more data to be sent over the same lines as those used to send voice data, it's also much cheaper. For this reason, VoIP has sustained a strong buzz in industry circles laTely. As the price of Internet services drop, and the cost of communications becomes increasingly competitive, a number of companies have begun a feverish push to sell VoIP services in homes across America. That means that it's cheaper than ever to use VoIP services and save some good cash! However, like most new technologies, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the service.

Most companies, like Vonage, offer comprehensive VoIP systems that completely replace your local phone carrier. These services are cheap, foregoing local phone charges completely, but require some home setup. That means that unless you're somewhat familiar with home networking, you might have some trouble setting up these systems. Most large companies offer installation services, however the hardware for the VoIP digital signal still resides in the home. Subscribers are responsible for maintaining the network. Other newer services do NOT require home installations. However they do require the user to at least have a local phone carrier such as Verizon or AT & T. These newer services do not require the users to install anything in their homes. Instead, they use local phone lines to connect the user and eventually route their calls to IP networks after the user first incurs local charges. Thus, these services are convenient and require little or no commitment, yet the savings are not as great. As the VoIP market gets hotter, companies are coming up with new ways to maximize both convenience and savings.

A good example of this innovation can be found at JaJah.com. JaJah, a newcomer to the VoIP game, uses an online website to control the source and destination of a VoIP call. Users enter the phone number from which they will be calling, as well as the destination number they wish to call, and the website takes over from there. The user immediately receives a call from the website which, when answered, connotes the user to their intended destination number using almost all IP-based network lines. There are other companies like JaJah that people might want to check out before making a VoIP decision. Ultimately, it's up to you, the user, to decide which service best fits your wallet as well as your lifestyle.

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