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Video production is the process of producing a video that usually has both audio and visual representations. While some videos are home videos produced for fun, most are videos that are produced for commercial purposes, like movies, advertisement videos, and music videos. Video production is also done for corporate purposes.

There are many things to consider in the production of a video. During the pre-production stage, the budget for the production of the video has to be determined, since the time spent on production can prove costly. Greater time spent on planning and organizing the project would help in keeping the costs low in the long run. One estimate of average production costs put a range of $ 1,500 to $ 5,000 per finished minute. The production cost depends on the location, time taken for completion, the equipment used, and the involvement of the production team in the making of the video. Plus, there are always the unanticipated expenses.

The production process starts with setting up the equipment needed for the shoot. Some of the necessary equipment includes a camera, tripod, teleprompter, monitors, power supplies, jib, dolly, and other essential accessories. The next stage consists of setting up the lighting. This is an important stage since lighting should reflect the mood intended for the scene. At this stage, the director gets involved to ensure that everything is in place to conduct a smooth filming. The audio stage is when the various pieces of audio equipment needed to capture and record audio are put in place. The final stage is when the actual filming and taping of the video takes place. This is the stage when all the visual and audio components are put together.

Even though video production is the actual stage of producing a video, the two other stages of pre-production and post-production are equally important. The pre-production stage involves conceptualizing, scripting, and scheduling. The post-production stage involves the off-line activities of editing and duplication.


Source by Alison Cole

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