Using Screen Capture Software With Voiceover

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Using Screen Capture Software With Voiceover


Using screen capture with voiceovers

Screen capture software can be very handy to use in a number of ways. Here we will discuss some of the available options for this type of software, and also some of the ways that this can be used.

First, why do we need screen capture software? Well for example if someone has created a video that we really like, with the owners permission we can use screen capture software to take a clip from the video and then provide our voiceover to the video, which can be a really cool way of generating quick and simple video's.

You can then syndicate these video's to lots of different websites, which in turn will increase the number of backlinks to your website, but will also serve to provide a steady flow of traffic providing the content which you are providing is both informative and interesting.

So we can use screen capture software to demonstrate a process, or to discuss an idea or suggestion. This has become a very popular way of reviewing software, and also websites, as you can actually run through the process of completing something while live online. With simple voice overs you can also talk people through the process which you are demonstrating.

This can be an extremely powerful way of demonstrating something. For example in the internet marketing world, a lot of advertisers will generate complex processes and very specific ways of doing things. They will often use screen capture software to record the process which they use, it acts as great social proof as well to demonstrate earnings from an idea or product. This then enables them to generate an "information product" around their process.

So, the products, what are they and how much do they cost? Camtasia is probably the market leader, which is made by a company called Techsmith. It has simple to use functionality and makes the whole process extremely easy. This software is being actively used by thousands of people, and enables you to record whatever is happening on your computers screen. Camtasia costs £ 220 for a single license at the time of writing, but it is fair to say that it is an extremely good piece of software which can record both individual images right up to full length video. Camtasia also offered a service called Snagit, which is a lower end version of their "full product offering", which enables users to record short video clips as well as capture images and webpages. Again it is good software and is priced at around £ 20.

Now there are lots of competitors, which range from free software up to high end video broadcasting. I would personally recommend getting a free trial on a few different types of software, and seeing which is most comfortable for you.


Source by Matt Lenzie

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