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UK Voice Over Work – Finding British Voiceover Jobs and Agents


Scan the internet for voice over work and you will be faced with an intense array of sites offering voice training courses, advice about agencies and newcomers posting questions asking where and how to start in voice-overs. When you click on some of these sites, you will notice that many of them are based outside the United Kingdom.

So where do those of us with British accents find the work? One way is to refine the search, putting in words such as "UK voice over agency" or "voice over training in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham". You can be even more specific by mentioning your gender; so "female British voice over artist" and "male British voiceover UK based" will produce some interesting results.

However there are limits to all of this. It assures that voice over artists only achieves jobs and work in their country of residence; in the age of the internet this is certainly not the case. Those beginning their careers often find there is just as much (if not more) opportunity outside of Britain. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Inexpensive recording equipment means you can set up a mini studio at home with minimal outlay. You just need your computer, some software (free to download from the net) a microphone and sound deadening material. In the latter case, pillows duvets and curtains will work well in removing room ambience. So it does not matter where you live or indeed where your client is located, you can deliver a sound file from anywhere to anywhere.

The other reason is that international clients, especially in the US, Middle East and Europe, just love a genuine British accent. In many cases it adds cachet and gives a product upmarket appeal. If you have not made your showreel yet, ask your voice over coach to really bring out your natural tones and accentuate the accent, whether it is Home Counties BBC style, or you have a regional lilt such as 'Geordie', 'Scouse' or even 'Brummie.'

Casting your net far and wide is essential in the voiceover world of the 21st century; those who limit themselves to England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland are essentially cutting out huge swathes of potential work. But where do you find jobs in other countries? The best way is to use one of the excellent voice over marketplaces out there. These are not agencies, but places where you can sell your voice – they allow client and voice over artist to hook up via email, rather than meeting face to face or on the phone. Such encounters can lead to fruitful relationships that produce that most valuable assets – repeat work.

However it is also advisable not ignore the domestic market. Keep a look out for new agents starting up and submit your voice reel to as many established players as possible. Also cold calling production companies can produce surprising results.

So keep your options wide open and broaden your voice over horizons.


Source by Gary Terzza

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