The Rise of Voice Over IP For Home Phone Service

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The Rise of Voice Over IP For Home Phone Service


Voice Over IP technology is bringing forth a significant advance in telecommunications. This technology delivers a new and much less expensive way for people to send and receive telephone calls. While VOIP technology is new, people are switching to using it for one main reason – it saves them a bunch of money on their phone bills.

Voice Over IP technology leverages the technology that makes the Internet work. Internet systems operate by sending so-called packets of information over several possible transmission media, including cables, wires, fiber optics, or even over the air using wireless technology. At the receiving end, the packets of information are joined together to recreate the original message. Voice Over IP works by sending packets of information that represent telephone voice information. Special Voice Over IP modems handle the task of sending and receiving these packs, so what say and hear is the same identical telephone voice signal that they used to hear.

A desirable feature of Voice over IP is that the sound quality is generally much better than old fashioned telephone systems because of the use of these digital Internet packets. The line is often so crisp that many often think the line is disconnected because the familiar buzz of static is not there.

So what do you need to make VOIP work for you? The main requirement is a high speed Internet connection. Luckily high speed Internet is available almost everywhere in the United States, so most people can get and benefit from Voice Over IP. Regardless of whether the high speed Internet service is DSL or cable, Voice over IP service should work well as long as the connection is Sufficiently fast. And with the growing presence of high speed Internet even in small towns, VOIP will soon be available to everyone.

So which companies offer Voice Over IP plans? The most common VOIP service providers are as follows:

– Vonage. Vonage is the largest and most well known of the Internet companies that provide Voice Over IP service plans. However, Vonage is one of the more expensive options for getting Voice Over IP service. An unlimited calling plan costs around 25 dollars per month. But many people use Vonage, primarily because of their aggressive advertising over the past year or two.

-Sunrocket. Sunrocket is a more recent player in the VOIP world, but they are very reliable and offer very low cost plans. An unlimited calling plan at Sunrocket will cost less than 17 dollars per month. Because of this, Sunrocket is growing significantly as a major player in the VOIP world.

-Phone Carriers. Several of the traditional phone service providers also provide Voice Over IP plans. For example Verizon now offers their own version of VOIP service costing about 25 dollars per month. At this month cost, Verizon compares well with with Vonage, although it still needs a lower price to be able to compete with Sunrocket on the basis of cost.

-Small Startup Companies. As an exciting new technology, Voice Over IP is attracting several small companies into the business. Sometimes these companies can offer terrific service at a low cost. However, the VOIP business environment is changing rapidly so it pays to shop around carefully when looking at small companies.

Regardless of which plan you choose for getting Voice Over IP service, the end result is that you will save money. Your typical telephone service charges more significantly for basic phone service than VOIP companies charge for advanced service with all the extras like call waiting, three way calling, and so on. In other words, you get more for your money with VOIP, plain and simple.


Source by Marc Ilgen

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