The Rise of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

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The Rise of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)


The emergence of VOIP services has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. Since it is an internet based service the better an internet connection, more consistent and high will be the communication. This service is certainly going to become the primary means of communication with time. VOIP allows its users to make unlimited calls all around the world.

In some countries free calling services are also provided through it. The cost involved in making calls over the internet is much less when compared to other conventional methods. So even if other countries charge such services the cost still comes out to be much less. Some of the significant features of this service are caller ID display, call waiting, call hold, voicemail and caller ID block. Certain advanced features are also provided like call tracking, video conferencing and online system management in this service. A person can also make a three way call using this mode of communication. As mentioned earlier the quality of communication done through VOIP is in direct proportion to the speed of the internet connection.

These days VOIP is being used by many people for the purpose of networking. A person can make local calls and international calls both at the same rates. This is the reason why it has become a popular medium for communication these days. Many businesses have turned profitable because they could communicate at very reasonable rates with international clients. The basic requirements for having a VOIP are a VOIP service plan, phone equipment and most importantly a high speed internet connection which should be a cable or DSL net but not satellite net. Most homes and offices already have an internet broadband connection. VOIP is increasingly becoming popular with the public because of the flexibility and portability it offers. It is the most cost effective method of communication in the world today.


Source by Peeter Parkar

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