The Different Categories of Free Voice Over Internet Protocol Services

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The Different Categories of Free Voice Over Internet Protocol Services


A general term that is used when referring to devices that are designed for providing voice communications using the Internet, the Voice over Internet Protocol (also called VoIP) is synonymous with other computer terms like the Internet telephony, broadband phone, voice over broadband as well as the IP telephony. Devices that are developed for the use of this protocol feature session control protocols that have the ability to tear-down and at the same time set-up calls. Know more about it by looking at the different categories and aspects of free VoIP services.

The Various Characteristics of VoIP

Many international web-based firms offer free VoIP services to attract consumers. This marketing technique is helpful because the companies allow computer users to use such service to call their loved ones and friends in selected destinations. However, it encourages them to subscribe to this service in order to use it to call other people in other destinations. In this regard, it is important that consumers or computer users who like to maximize the use of this free service have an extensive background of the different categories of VoIP technologies.

The Categories

Free VoIP services can be categorized into three. The first category uses direct connections from one personal computer to another. It is the most common of all the categories and it requires the use of particular voice communications software. Some of the companies that are known to offer such service include Skype and Raketu. These companies allow people to place calls in landlines or personal computers free of charge in selected countries and for a given time.

The second category of these services focuses on the use of phones that feature VoIP to place calls through the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. This category is popular among the users of peer-to-peer technologies. It enables consumers to make free calls but they should not exceed the assigned limit. In addition, they also have the option to subscribe to premium services, but they need to pay an extra charge.

The third category focuses on the use mobile phones or landlines that are connected to the Internet. Most computer users in residential areas use this service because it is convenient and free of charge. However, when using this service, it is good to know that free calls are limited in some areas and some telecommunication devices are not suitable for this service. To avoid having problems, it is important to check out some sites that offer this service.


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