The Benefits of Using a VoIP Hosted Phone System

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The Benefits of Using a VoIP Hosted Phone System


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that turns analogue audio signals into digital data that is transmitted over the Internet. A VoIP telephone network uses this technology to transmit the voice over the Internet instead of a traditional telephone line. Implementing a VoIP hosted phone system benefits companies that must stretch the communications budget, and implement the most efficient type of network for business telephone numbers. If your company needs a new telephone solution, implementing one that uses VoIP technology may be the best solution for several reasons.

No Hardware Expense

Some providers of rented telephone networks supply free hardware as a part of the service agreement. If you stop using the system, the hardware goes back to the service provider. However, considering the cost of buying telephones for multiple departments, most companies are happy to accept this arrangement.

No Additional Dial Tone Costs

A telephone network that transmits analogue audio signals requires you to purchase a dial tone. If your company is large, you may need to purchase hundreds of lines to accommodate a high call volume. A VoIP hosted phone system typically comes with dial tone costs included in the service plan, making it ideal for companies that need to cut communication costs.

No More Missed Calls

A network for business telephone numbers should ensure that a company never misses a call. Because a conventional network contains a certain number of lines, call volume may exceed the network's call intake capacity. Providers of VoIP programs typically include unlimited lines as a part of the service agreement – a benefit that leads your company from ever missing a call.

Lower Long Distance Rates

VoIP calling has a low, flat rate for continental long distance calls, whereas conventional calling charges the user varying long distance rates. If your company uses a conventional network to call clients, customers, and / or partners who are located across the nation, VoIP calling could potentially reduce its long distance bill.

No More Maintenance Fees

Paying technicians $ 100 an hour to maintain a phone network can be expensive for any business. Implementing a VoIP program offers a way to eliminate maintenance cost. As with dial tone costs and hardware expense, the service provider often includes maintenance fees as a part of the service agreement.

Value Added Features

Many VoIP systems come standard with value added features that conventional telephone networks do not, such as simultaneous ring, fax to email, called Id, voice mail, and the ability to record calls. If your company is paying for these features with its current plan, it may be able to get them for free by switching to a VoIP plan.


Using a VoIP hosted phone system has several advantages for companies, particularly: implementation that involves no hardware expense, no dial tone costs, the ability to receive all calls, lower long distance rates, the elimination of maintenance fees, and value added features that come standard with the plan. For more information about the benefits of VoIP networks, contact a provider of hosted systems for business telephone numbers.


Source by Ruby Stein

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