The 3 Main Ingredients of the Perfect Voice Over

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The 3 Main Ingredients of the Perfect Voice Over


The perfect companion for a product or service is a voice over. The average person hears an audio advertisement utilizing voice talent more than 90 times each day. Spoken words are an effective marketing tool, and the market is competitive. Great audio messages deliver exceptional returns, and bad messages are quickly forgotten.

What makes these messages great? There are 3 elements that make a great voice over. They are: speech clarity, tone, and pace. They are all very simple, but effective pieces of the total puzzle. They work in tandem with each other and can not function completely on their own.

Speech Clarity
A good speaker can capture any audience and keep their attention for the entire length of their speech. Those who speak well utilize speech clarity. Clear and well-spoken phrases are easy to understand and the delivered message is more memorable. An unintelligible message is confusing and listeners will not understand the full meaning of the message. An experienced voice talent will deliver audio message with speech clarity.

A good speaking voice is not enough without using the correct tone. No one wants to listen to a monotonous voice sell a product or service. A sales pitch lacking energy and / or tone variation is a marketer's worst nightmare. A great voice talent will use the correct tone to sell a product or service. A soft-sell tone can be used to advertise a financial institution that promises to take care of your financial needs, for example. An excited tone can be used to advertise a huge sale or special event that people do not want to miss. Choosing the right tone to match the script can make the difference between dull and effective advertisements.

The pace of a voice can make or break any advertisement. The listener will not absorb a message that is pronounced too fast. A message that is delivered too slow can make the listener lose interest in your message.

Remember, the average listener keeps about 40% of a recorded voice over message. Speaking with clarity, and using the right tone and pace will maximize the effectiveness of the message and result in higher retention.


Source by Mony Raanan

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