Steps on How to Improve Your Vocal Voice

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Steps on How to Improve Your Vocal Voice


When you wish to sing seriously or professionally, you have to begin to improve your voice even if you are extremely talented. A human being is always considered a work in progress and so the voice can always be improved to better and better standards. Whether you take classes to improve your voice or hone your natural talent in order to perfect it, it's always important to try to improve your voice. There are various ways in which you can improve it, given below are a few to help you out.

• Start by first practicing your breathing and post exercises, this helps in expanding the diaphragm to its full capacity and strengthening the lungs. Once your lungs are strong enough, singing becomes easy and it helps improve the voice as well.

• Perform warm ups and cool downs before and after each singing session; this will help protect your chords and throat from strain and damage. These exercises too help strengthen the throat muscles and improve singing abilities.

• Buy a microphone and practice singing some of your favorite songs along with the original artists. Keep practicing by recording your voice and comparing it to the original artists, after a while; you will get it right and practicing on the microphone helps prepare you for recordings in a studio or even a live audience. Remember, your voice is different on a microphone and you need to practice your vowels on it as they can come out distributed.

• Practice, practice and practice with regular intervals of rest as it's important to rest your chords for the fear of training them. Practice makes perfect, so the more you practice, the better your voice will get.

• If you can afford it, try hiring a private tutor or singing coach to help you through the nuances, this can really help not only improve your voice but help in launching you professionally as well.

• Train your ears to pick up different note in a jiffy; this will help you in singing them better as well. To sing well, it is important to have ears that are trained to listen and not only hear.

• Learn up the lyrics of the song you wish to sing beforehand as this will help in singing better and with confidence without breaks in-between.

• To help improve your singing voice, try increasing your range as well. Practice to perfection the range you are most comfortable with and then try increasing it by singing an octave above and one below your preference.

• Also, try speech level singing to help improve your voice, it does not strain the larynx, thereby helps in improving your voice.


Source by Barbara Shirley

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