Sony DWM-01C31 Digital Handheld Microphone – A Review

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Sony DWM-01C31 Digital Handheld Microphone – A Review


Not all microphones are created equal, and with the release of Sony's DWM-01C31 Digital Handheld Microphone, there is no arguing to that.

Sony is considered as one of the largest names in the world of audiovisual production. It is well respected company when it comes to its professional lines of audio and video production equipments. From camcorders to video decks, to microphones and pro recording accessories, a lot of people – enthusiasts and professionals alike – find Sony's products very reliable and beyond impressive.

If you are a recording engineer then sometimes you are well aware of everything there is to know about microphones. But if you are a passionate musician who is recording from home, then maybe you need to learn a thing or two. When it comes to pro recording, microphones are the most important piece of equipment that you need. And with this new handheld dynamic microphone from Sony, you will be confident that your unit produces nothing but excellent vocal reproduction.

Before the advent of exceptional dynamic handheld microphones, stage performers were trained to project their voices. Singers were taught how to manipulate their voices on stage in such a way that their dialogues and lyrics were not lost in the mess of the instruments accompanying them. But thanks to innovation, performers and musicians alike can now express their music without producing a loud sound beyond what is necessary.

Sony recently released their newest handheld dynamic microphone, the DWM-01C31. It gives you the option of choosing 1, 10, or 50 mW RF output. It can operate for about 5 hours while running on two AA size alkaline batteries at 10 mW output power. The new Sony DWM-01C31 Digital Handheld Microphone gives you flexibility at its finest because its transmitter functions include and input attenuator, RF frequency selection, RF power output and Audio LCF frequency. On top of that, it has a power sleep mode that can be remotely controlled from the digital wireless receiver.

But unlike regular microphones that you find in music stores, this new digital handheld from Sony houses a directional dynamic mic capsule that is ideal for vocal use. Its audio and metadata transmission operates on UHF-TV channels 42 to 51, which is about 638 to 698 MHz. On top of that, you can also adjust and remotely control transmitter settings from the digital wireless receiver using the latest communication technology.

Handheld dynamic microphones are a favorite by most singers and recording vocalists. But besides from performing live on stage and for studio use, dynamic microphones can also be used for many different applications. There are certainly a lot of microphones out there, but if you are looking for an excellent digital, dynamic handheld that will give you clear and faithful sound, then the DWM-01C31 Digital Handheld Microphone is what you are looking for. So go and get one today!


Source by Roy R Sencio

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