Sometimes That ‘Little Voice’ Can Really Yell

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Sometimes That ‘Little Voice’ Can Really Yell


Magnum’s Little Voice

I used to love watching Magnum PI with Tom Selleck in 1980s and I always got a kick out of every time he referred to ‘that little voice’ and what it was telling him to do or not to do. Sometimes he listened and sometimes he didn’t and he regretted it if he ignored it, but he carried on anyway.

Later, I came to understand that he was talking about insight or hunches and that made perfect sense to me since he could read clues and people so well, and he was so focused on his goal of finding the truth about a crime. Magnum’s character had a real knack for tracking down perpetrators and his internal guidance system was that little voice of his. I remember wanting to be able to hear more from my own little voice, but I was no private investigator, so I wondered where I could use such a skill.

Noticing My Own Little Voice

A few years later I noticed I did have assured guidance that revealed solutions for me and it prompted me in daily life, as long as I wasn’t totally distracted by problems. At first it was very sporadic and seemed quite coincidental. Like the time I saw a nice duplex while driving down the street and got an impression along with the thought, “I would like to live there.” A few months later it was for rent and I was able to move in right away. Of course I had all of my stuff in storage and was living in a cabin on a beach 40 miles from town before it came up for rent, but I still recall the impression I got when I first saw the building. More synchronicity happened over the years, but I never paid too much attention to it at those times.

Decades later I realized I wanted those synchronous events to be the norm and not just happenstance, so I set about figuring out how to make it so. After much contemplation that involved stretching many of the synapses in my brain beyond my current puddle of knowledge the idea was presented: getting better at being the real me was key to reading the subtle energies that guide me to fulfill my life’s purpose. By the time this concept reached the forefront of my consciousness I had already done much in the way of soul/self-searching, so a little more inner work was not a problem.

Finding My Big Voice

Now things were getting interesting. Good thoughts and emotions were brought into sync with good feelings and my true character was shining through. At each deliberate step inward towards the real me and even farther away from what was left of my devitalized ego I found more and more serenity and a new kind of power – in my own voice. I then asked of myself, “What do I do now?” and the answer came resounding simultaneously through all my senses: MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!

It came as a thought so loud it seemed I was being yelled at; it came as an explosion of energy from the depths of my solar plexus so strong I felt the charge throughout my entire body; it came as impression of truth so uplifting I felt I was no longer on the planet earth. It was exciting and surreal; it left me dazed and light-headed; I felt silly and giddy and more than alive. It was the highest I’ve ever been on life and there was no sign I was coming down from this plane.

The Power Behind The Voice

Now if someone says or does something insensitive that bothers me I just focus on the me inside and somehow an adjustment is made in the universe. It’s as if the surrounding air is immediately filled with the healthy negative ions to neutralize the unhealthy negative energy. By maintaining my focal point on my inner serenity I am also keeping my energy safe from getting entangled in theirs, which means I don’t have to deal with their ego.

The helpful information that floats across the filaments of our senses as inspirational thoughts, impressions, ideas, epiphanies and gut feelings is very much a part of the human experience. Though some would pooh-pooh these inklings as airy-fairy notions, they are one of our most accurate means of reading a situation or receiving an answer when hard-pressed for a solution to a problem. In fact, the more honest we are with ourselves the more clear and regular the messages become and the greater the richness in our life experience grows.


Source by Diane Babcock

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