Setting Up Your Own Voice Over Studio For Under $ 500

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Setting Up Your Own Voice Over Studio For Under $ 500


Voice over or VO is one of the fastest growing mediums in the acting industry. Here is a simple guide in order to get your new studio created and cranking out projects.

1. A Quiet Room.
A quiet location can be anywhere in your house. What would work best is a closet. It is self contained, small, and easily lit. A suggestion would be to find a closet that has enough space with clothes to dampen an echo and that that allows you to have some equipment in there with you.

2. A Microphone.
Obviously, in order to record your voice, you need a microphone. A cardioid microphone would be your best bet. What a cardioid microphone does is concentrates the incoming sound from the front of the microphone as opposed to one that takes in sound from the entire mic. Now there was a school of thought in the 80's and 90's that the more expensive mic, the better the quality. That type of thinking went out the window with the advent of the MXL series of microphones. The MXL comes in an analog or USB output and costs about a 5th to a 10th of what was once the industry standard.

3. Mic Stand
Unless you want to hold the microphone for hours while you are recording, a movable mic stand is essential.

4. A Pop Filter
A pop filter is used to keep hard p sounds from spiking your recording.

5. A Computer
The recording has to go somewhere. Make sure you have a long enough cord so that your computer can remain outside of your recording space.

6. Editing Software
Audacity is a powerful yet free audio mixer. It can be used to capture the recording while other programs can be used to add effects and to layer your audio tracks.

And that is all you need to create you own voice over studio for under $ 500.


Source by Greg Vallyn

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