Selecting Quality Scripts For Voice Over Talent

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Selecting Quality Scripts For Voice Over Talent


While you can learn a lot about potential voice talent through face-to-face interviewing and listening to demo tapes, you will also need a sample script that will help you gauge if an applicable is the right fit for the job. With a well-chosen sample script, you can get a sense for the tone and style of the voice actor or actress you are interviewing, and hear an example of the kind of work they do.

You do not need to give applicants too long to prepare for a sample script reading, as there is generally no line memorization involved. The Applicants can make use of the script as they perform their reading, so they should only need an hour or so to get comfortable with the script before going into the studio.

The general demographic group that you are targeting will be the chief determining factor in the style and tone of the sample script you absolutely choose. Deciding in advance as to what vocal styles will be appropriate for your target market is important for the efficiency of the hiring process, as you will otherwise find yourself performing excessive numbers of interviews with applicants who are not right for the job.

No matter what type of business or industry you're in, you'll need to compile a collection of different types of scripts to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each applicable. The best way to do this is narrow down your field to a few key themes. Is your business producing a comedic advertisement? A serious monologue? A public service announcement that requires a more journalistic or reporting tone? Once you've established the general theme and tone of your campaign, the next step is tracking down a similar script that encrypts the talent to adopt, or in some cases create, the unique voice.

Finding voice over scripts is easy with a simple search online. Many script databases are available free of charge, and give you a chance to search by keyword, theme, or subject. Look for scripts that are similar in scope to your field, or pick something that challenges the applicable to try different styles and themes. Many voice over script collections are royalty-free, affordable, and from trusted sites and projects. These can also be a great resource for developing and adapting your own scripts, and give you some more ideas for making different types of scripts with your key goals in mind.

In making the final decisions as to whether or not to hire a particular voice actor, you're going to want to be able to refer to his or her demo and compare it side-by side with the tapes of other applicants. This demo should include several script selections that are representative of an actor's range of talents, and how well they will fit in with your vision of the marketing you would like to produce. You may either have your voice actors send in demos along with their applications, or complete them in your studio.


Source by Terry Daniel

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