Scripting, Production, and a Talented Voiceover Will Make Your Radio Promo Memorable

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Scripting, Production, and a Talented Voiceover Will Make Your Radio Promo Memorable


As an increasing number of radio stations compete for attention on the airwaves, it has become more important than ever for radio stations to have unique and compelling imaging. Most radio stations play the same imaging constantly, and listeners get tired of hearing it after a while. In order to give your station an edge and continue attracting the attention of listeners, it's a great idea to develop a team of great producers, writers and voiceover talents.

After years upon years of being bombarded with marketing messages on the radio, TV, internet, and even in public bathroom stalls, people tend to block out most sales messages and only listen when something captures their attention. Radio imaging essentially consists of sales messages because it is provided to sell your station's brand image and encourage people to continue listening. People will come to associate imaging with your station, so you have to be sure that it is innovative and memorable. Ultimately, imaging serves to build and reinforce your station's branding, so make sure that it has the power to get into the hearts and minds of your listeners.

Make your radio station stand out from the competition by assembling a production team to inject creativity and life into your station's imaging. A great script and a professional voice over talent can help you create radio imaging that is original and unique.

Although you may fall in love with your new imaging, do not make the mistake of using it over and over until it causes listener burnout. Keep things fresh by setting up an imaging time table. Gather your team of producers, script writers and voice talent to create promos that match the seasons, holidays, etc.

Work with a professional voice talent who has a versatile voice so you can constantly reinvent your station's image. A talented voice over artist can spark the interest of your listeners with unique, creative voiceovers. You can also achieve a lot of contrast in your radio imaging by alternating between a male voice over and a female voice over.

As your station's needs change, the voice of its imaging will as well. That's why it's worthwhile to work with a highly experienced voice over talent with a versatile voice from the very beginning. A voiceover talent with plenty of experience can alter his or her voice to match whatever image you're trying to convey. For optimal results, select a voice over talent who has experience delivering various types of imaging for radio.


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