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Radio Jobs For Voice Over Artists and Advertising Agencies


For many areas of the radio industry, you have to actually work at a radio station or for a radio show, or even online radio, but for radio commercials, the advertising agencies and voice over artists are called upon to work in a recording studio to produce adverts that are aired. These radio commercials are created for lots of different radio stations and they will be created and aired with the help of the marketing manager or advertising manager at the radio station.

If you want to promote your company or products, radio is one of the best ways to do so, as you have a massive listener base throughout the day. Unlike TV, people tend to listen to the radio all day and sometimes at night, so you have more people that are likely to hear your radio commercial. When you as a company want to advertise, you will have to contact an advertising agency to hire the recording studios, audio engineers, and voice over artists to create the advert. Sometimes the advertising agency will liaise with the marketing manager at the radio station for you, or you can choose to do this.

The advertising agency will set up a meeting with the client to discuss the process and what ideas they have. Once the idea is finalized, the script writer or copywriter will formulate the script according to the slot you have, which is usually 30 seconds. It is really hard to fit a convincing advert into 30 seconds, which is where, if you have expert writing skills, you can get a brilliant radio job. Radio copy is not only limited to commercial radio, but many stores have in store radios, where radio copy advertising current specials and competitions is very much in demand. This radio retail style job will be at a marketing company who specializes in radio copy. They, along with advertising agencies, will also be responsible for getting the voice overs that are used in the advert.

Voice overs are one of the interesting radio jobs that you can get, and if you have a unique, distinct, clear, interesting, warm, inviting, and friendly voice, you can get a jobs as a voice over artist. You will also have to complete a voice over course which will cover every aspect of voice over work that you can get including soft sell, hard sell, narrative, character, radio commercials, and more. Voice over artists can find jobs easily by joining an acting and voice over agency where you will get a portfolio and potential clients can read your resume and listen to your voice demo. This is done online mostly as it is convenient and effective. Once you are chosen, you will go into the recording studio, and sometimes have to read the copy cold and get it right straight away. Other times, for longer copy or radio commercials that require more acting or accents, you will get the script emailed to you, so that you can rehearse.

In the recording studio, radio jobs you can get besides the voice artist and representative from the advertising agency, is the audio engineer who will record your voice, edit it, and add the music and sound effects. The audio engineer is also called the recording engineer and sometimes this person will also have to create the sound effects and background music that is used. This ensures that there is not breach of copyright on any existing music, and it gives the products and radio commercials a unique and memorable brand. The recording engineer is also responsible for recording a singer or musicians that are required for the radio jingles that certain adverts ask for. This radio jobs is a great one that you can do from the comfort of your home. Creating radio jingles can only be done by a professional musician and once a catchy jingle and lyrics have been created, the composition will be sent to professional musicians to be played and a professional singer to be recorded.

As you can see, there are tons of jobs that are linked to the radio broadcast industry and that are necessary for radio production. You don’t necessarily have to work at a radio station or for a broadcasting corporation to be involved in radio. You can also find excellent paying, top radio jobs in advertising agencies, production companies, marketing agencies, voice over agencies, recording studios, or even at home as a freelancer. Being involved in radio production is exciting and very rewarding for lots of people, and if you want to be the person that helps to create the medium for the radio shows to take place, namely radio commercials and radio promos, why not get a great radio job today in an advertising agency?


Source by Lisa Jenkins

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