Pros of VoIP Phone System

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Pros of VoIP Phone System


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service has taken the communication world by storm. In fact, when using a VoIP system, you are using the Internet for making telephone calls instead of the conventional phone lines. The advantages of VoIP service are manifold, and it is for this reason that many business homes are opting for VOIP over the traditional telephone access.

The basic advantage of VoIP phone service – particularly to business owners – is it is far cheaper when compared with conventional telephony. For instance, individuals as well as businesses with a broadband Internet connection can make PC-to-PC phone calls to any part of the world almost free. If making a PC-to-phone connection, there is usually a nominal charge that is far less than what traditional telephony would cost.

Other advantages include portability and many other special features that are available at no extra cost. Most VoIP services have standard features like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, seamless call transitions, simultaneous ringing across multiple phones, three-way calling and voicemail – all these features for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Voicemail can be checked via the Internet like e-mail and messages can even be saved and stored and sent later as e-mail attachments.

Although there are three different varieties of VoIP services available, the type that is most commonly preferred by business owners is VOIP that uses an analog telephone adapter (known as ATA.). The advantage of using an ATA is you can use a standard telephone for your VOIP service instead of any specific IP Phones.

Because of the ATA facility, business travelers have the distinct advantage of carrying the ATA and the telephone instrument with them whenever they travel to other locations and not miss out on business calls. You can be located in any part of the globe and your callers may never know your location unless you reveal it to them. All the branch offices and sales outlets can be connected to function like one big office regardless of which part of the world they may be located.

VoIP will dramatically alter the entire business communication system. You can explore the exciting possibilities of conducting your business communications in ways you never hitherto thought feasible. VoIP facility will provide your business increased functionality leading to enhanced productivity, more efficient customer service, improved sales performance – and all these in a cost-effective manner.

Several well-known brands of VOIP services like RingCentral are already providing individuals and businesses telephone service for fixed monthly fees regardless of your usage. You can make local, long distance, or even international calls without being confronted with huge telephone bills.

There are a number of VoIP service providers who would be willing to offer you competitive rates. But it is important that you choose a reliable and reputed service provider as communication is critically important and is the nerve-center to any business.


Source by A. James

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