Project Management Tools for Advertising Agencies

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Project Management Tools for Advertising Agencies


Managing projects effectively determines the success of any business. While project management tools were once thought important only for production and delivery projects, today an entire gamut of industries has begun using them. One of the industries that have begun using them on a large scale is advertising agencies.

Various types of project management tools are available for advertising agencies. With computers becoming the mainstay for advertising agencies, different tools for the different needs of an advertising agency have become available. The basic departments in any advertising agency are its creative, client servicing, media and public relations departments. Each of these departments has a need for some common and some special project management tools.

The project management tool that your operating system provides is one very important tool that anyone can have is. Both Microsoft and Apple have their own project management tools that let you organize tasks based on priority, date, time etc. Both allow an individual to use them for his/her own tasks and at the same time remain in sync with the rest of the team.

There are calendars, network diagrams, graphs, reports, timelines, organizers, portfolio managers, updaters, estimation graphs, and other invaluable tools that help you manage your project effectively in a phased manner.

These tools also facilitate working in a team, as a team manager or leader can make the sheets, assign tasks to individuals and pass them on for changes. The changes are noted and preserved using a track change option, which becomes invaluable in a large team.

Apart from the basic software, there is a highly specialized software available for specific needs. Those that need to communicate with clients can opt for specialized software with built-in email features to help send personalized or even anonymous emails to the contact lists. Others can organize letters, faxes and emails from clients and others. Some software offer features such as contact management, correspondence and invoicing.

Most of the project management tools for advertising agencies are available on the Internet, on a try-before-you-buy basis. You can download the basic package and use it for a trial period to see if it suits your needs. You may buy it, when you are convinced that it meets your needs.


Source by Richard Romando

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