Preparing Quality Reels to Get the Best Voice Over Work

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Preparing Quality Reels to Get the Best Voice Over Work


Although many people do not spend much time thinking about it, the reality is that voice over work in movies, commercials and theater presentations have a direct and substantial impact on the effect of scenes. Voice over work involves a technique that allows the narrator's voice to be heard over the visual elements of a scene, thereby creating the exact effect or emotion that is desired from the scene. If this is the industry you are interested in working in, you will need to therefore be able to determine how to find the kind of work and voiceover opportunities you are looking for so you can have the high quality job you want.

One of the first places people can look when they are trying to find voice over work is the Internet. The popular search engines will produce many results for voice over work opportunities as well as agents that are experienced in representing new voice over talent. Signing with an agency is perhaps the best way for a new voice over talent to get the kind of footing in the industry that they want.

What you can also do with an Internet connection is browse through the popular voices that have been able to land top voice over jobs and find one that is similar in style to yours. You would then study the reels from that particular artist and pay attention to the expressions so you can try to develop a similar style that will connect in the right way with the hiring bodies.

Once you have had enough practice on the type of voice over that you have found online, you next need to invest in a sound editing program for your computer that allows you to record similar voice demos as those of the people with popular voices. This kind of software will allow you to make clean recordings from your computer so you do not have to worry about paying for studio time. If you happen to speak a different language, a good idea would be to make a second recording of the same script. That extra contribution will show directors and producers that you have a wide range in terms of your voice over capabilities.

Once you have completed your reel using your sound editing program, you would then submit it to hiring bodies or even voice over talent agencies so they can spread your production through the industry. A good idea would be to check the database of clients that voice over agencies have found talent for so you can determine which ones to send your reel to.

Getting voice over work will not be easy. However, if you equip yourself with the right kind of training and practice, the sound editing software for your computer, an Internet connection and a demo voice reel, you should be able to produce the kind of voice over demo that will grab the attention of producers and directors.


Source by Peter Kaestner

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