Post a Voice Over Job Quickly and Find the Right Voice

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Post a Voice Over Job Quickly and Find the Right Voice


Attracting the right voice talents to your job postings, is not a secret, but more of a valuable insight that will save you time, money, and precious key strokes. Here are some ideas on how to simplify your experience and get exactly what you want at the same time: Be completely open with the voice talents and let them know your full requirements and vision for your project. Highlight qualities of the kind of voice that you want to represent your organization, ie friendly, middle age, creamy, robust, techie, motherly, confident etc.

Give a sample of your script for talent to evaluate and record custom demos if applicable. Include the full word count, how your audio will be implemented, and how long it will be used. Keep an open mind regarding the scale of your budget range. Be appreciative and recognize quality when you hear it. Arrange to thank talent for applying for your job after the fact or simply thank them in advance for applying for your job posting The insights we've explored are not just about filling out details in a job posting, but are the finer points of how to conduct business online.

Remember: Clarity is king and Transparency is queen. If a talent does not feel comfortable applying for a job either due to lack of details, an unrealistic budget, or information about a given project, they will not take the time to submit a reply and the right voice may pass you by.

Job postings act as your first impression in many cases to professionals which you are considering to employ. A detailed job posting, a friendly and sincere tone, and a realistic budget will bring the right voices to you like bees to honey. Just as they are presenting them to you for employment, you are also introducing yourself and your company to them as potential employers. There is nothing more appealing to any job seeker than ample insight about a company and details about the job they are applying for. Highly experienced and talented voice over professionals, the kind that make a marketing piece sizzle, know how to spot quality jobs. When they do, they are often willing to provide services at a slightly lower price point knowing that the assignment will be clear and the employer will be professional.

So, in short, know exactly what your looking for, write it down and go get it!


Source by Stephanie A Ciccarelli

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