Invention and Features of VoIP Technology

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Invention and Features of VoIP Technology


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the recently invented communication technology. In 2009, there will be a 256 million users are predicted VoIP technology around the world. With the growing accessibility of VOIP services for mobile phones it looks as if the approval of VOIP will continue to expand quickly. Internet is the main source of VoIP technology and transferring your voice to other end. Digital technology is used in VoIP for transmitting the sound signals. VoIP Technology is more important, because it can change the way of people communicate.

How does VoIP technology services Work?

To establish VoIP services you need only a hi speed broadband connection, a telephone and a adapter. The special adapter should be fitted into the internet connection of the broadband. Making a call is the same as the traditional phone. The adapter is your mobile, so you can carry this when you move. No Special handset is needed for this technology. Though a special handset is available in the market that uses Ethernet for the VoIP connectivity. From this connection you can adapt both voice and the video conference. There will be an online buttons for connecting or disconnecting the line whenever you need. To make a international calls using VoIP Technology you should subscribe to satellite communication systems because of hosted VoIP services run through the international gateways only.

Features of VoIP Technology Service:

You can make calls from PC where a broadband internet connection is available. This VoIP services offers more voice clarity than the traditional methods of connection and it gives increased speed also. You can do the phone calls, fax and internet services are low cost than the traditional ways. Features that typically cost extra with normal phones are bundled with VoIP Service. These features include Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Block, Do Not Disturb, Call Return and Call Waiting.

By having the facility to choose your own area code, they are able to call you and will be charged as a traditional call. You can able to take your VoIP adaptors anywhere in the world and use your phone number anywhere internet connection is available. You can able to make phone calls while operating all your programs and browsing the internet at the same time. Recently monthly rental scheme is available for this service. You can improve your business globally with very low investments using VoIP.

VoIP Service Providers:

Usually VoIP services facilities and components are may vary in significant ways from some providers. You should check pros and cons of this service before you subscribing. The benefit of using VoIP technology for both house and corporate users is that they now have the chance to choose from much larger selection of VoIP technology providers to provide voice and video communication services.


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