Introduction to Voice Over Internet Protocol – Part 3 of 3

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Introduction to Voice Over Internet Protocol – Part 3 of 3


Uses and Features of VoIP Telephony

There are quite a few features of Voice Over Internet Protocol calling which make it an attractive option for your telecommunication needs.

The main benefit of using VoIP service is the savings in cost when compared to traditional local and long distance phone companies. There are no fees, taxes, or other costs that are found with traditional phone service. Long distance calls are valued the same as local calls, and there are no limits to the amount of minutes you may use or calls you may make.

In addition, many VoIP packages include PSTN features that most telephone companies charge extra for. Some of these features may include three-way calling, call-forwarding, auto-redial, and caller ID. Voice Over Internet Protocol also offers features not found with ordinary telephone service, such as the ability to send messages or data during conversation.

The thing that distinguishes Voice over Internet Protocol from traditional analog communications is its ability to transmit more than one telephone call down the same broadband-connected telephone line. This feature is what makes VoIP service such a useful and simple way to add an extra telephone line to a home or office without acquiring additional costs.

Since your VoIP telephone service is fully portable and can be used anywhere, long distance rates do not apply. All calls made through VoIP service are rated the same. In addition, most VoIP providers allow you to choose what area code you want to base your VoIP telephone number in. This means that if you live in Florida, but most of your friends and family live somewhere else, say Chicago, you can use a Chicago-based area code. This allows your friends and family to call your phone without acquiring long distance charges, even if they do not use VoIP service.

VoIP telephony may be integrated with other internet services, such as video conversation, message or data file exchange during conversation, audio or video conferencing, managing address books, and even being able to tell who is currently online and available.

VoIP service offers a feature known as wideband speech. With a sufficient capacity broadband internet connection, this wideband speech can produce significantly higher-quality speech and music transmissions.

It is for these reasons that major phone companies are realizing the effect that VoIP services will have on the world of telecommunication in the coming future, and setting up their own VoIP calling plans.


Source by Budda Oliver

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