Information On The Four Different Types Of Voice Over Jobs

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Information On The Four Different Types Of Voice Over Jobs


Voice over jobs can be a very lucrative career option if you have the talent for it and also a nice strong voice. But before you get into any industry it is always a good idea to do a little research about it and be completely informed when you make the decision if it's for you or not. In this article we will discuss the various different types of Voice Over or VO jobs that can be made available to you.

There are four sub-fields that could use good artists and new talent. You need to be clear about what each field entails –

• The first category is the Commercial category. This is the field that involves work done in commercial advertisements. There are workshops that you can join to get a clear picture of what will be expected of you when you apply for this category. These workshops will teach you how to break down commercial copy. This is important because before your audition you need to be able to understand ads and analyze commercial copy. The course will also help you practice different selling voices and how to choose the right material when you make your demo tapes. Sometimes it is a good idea to enroll in a commercial acting class too.
• TV and Movies is another category that has potential. In this category you will require acting skills if you are going to be a narrator. Another use for VO artists is for looping. Looping is the process where impromptu conversations are recorded and the downplayed versions are added into the background sounds in movies and TV shows.
• Dubbing is an art into itself. It requires superior lip-syncing abilities. This is a skill that is not only used by VO artists but also by players who need to dub their dialogs again in the ADR sessions.
• Another very lucrative category is in Cartoons and Video Games. For this category you need to have very good acting skills. Even though your acting will not really be seen, the acting allows you to understand the various voice modulations and intonations required to create the voice for characters that can be unique and believable. You will need exceptional lip-syncing skills to because that will be required during the actual recordings. If you are good at accents and dialects this could help broaden your horizons in this category and give you a better appeal.


Source by Michael C Logan

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