Importance of Translation, Transcription and Voice Over Services

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Importance of Translation, Transcription and Voice Over Services


Transcription reflects to the method of converting speech into written document or electronic text. It is very helpful in cases of interviews, seminars, conferences, etc. One can record what is being said and later document it as per his or her convenience. Voice over services, on the other hand, involves recording of audio or voice of a person. This service is mostly availed by companies which deal in radio, television, films or digital media. Professional speakers or voice artists are preferred for this work. Therefore, the need for all the three services has grown immensely in the market.

Translation refers to the decoding of texts or literature from a foreign language to the native language. It makes a language that is foreign to us easy to understand. In earlier times, translation was mostly used for academic purposes like translating texts or books of different countries, which can be used for studies or references. However, as businesses have become globalized, the need of translators has risen. In fact, there are many companies which provide translation services. An organization may need translation services in various areas such as legal documents, financial documents, articles for magazines, newspapers or the Internet, medical journals, etc. Translation services are also availed by many scientific institutions, museums and universities to help them in their research. The main aim of the companies that provide these services is to give the best translation solutions to their clients.

The method of converting speech into written document or electronic text is known as transcription. Technological advances have made transcription quite easy, unlike earlier when documentation of conversations was very tedious. Firms that deal in translation services, most often provide transcription services as well. The source of transcription can come from a radio, video recordings, music recordings, concerts or festivals, lectures, seminars, etc. It is especially helpful in journalism and the media industry. It also proves to be useful for reference and analysis. Many interviews, seminars, conferences, etc. are recorded and, it can be later utilized for references or research. Therefore, the need of a good transcription provider is very essential. Apart from these purposes, services are also required for business transcriptions, medical transcriptions, legal transcriptions, etc.

Voice over referers to the recording of audio or voice of a person. It is done with the help of voice artists or professional speakers. Voice over services mostly finds their market in the fields of radio, television, film or digital media. They are very useful in cases of advertisements, documentaries, public announcements, animations and cartoons, narrations, recorded audio information, training sessions, etc. The voice of the speaker plays an important part as the recordings have to be clear and understood by the listeners and viewers. The recordings are usually done in professional studios and may include more than one speaker. In voice over recordings it is important that the artists are well developed in accent and speech, so that imperfections are minimized.

Translation, transcription and voice over services have become an important part of business and the need for these services are growing with every passing day.


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