Identifying Voice Over Styles

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Identifying Voice Over Styles


Voice-over talents are usually known for a certain sort of voice-over, such as radio scripts, TV ads as well as corporate voice-over scripts. According to James R. Alburger, author of the book "The Art of Voice Acting: The Craft and Business of Performing for Voice Over", a lot of people only think of commercials whenever they hear the phrase "voice over scripts." These days, voice-over scripts are used for more than just television and radio advertisements. Voice overs are an important component of giving presentations for mass media, the web, corporate and business marketing materials, and to promote a number of activities. There are different categories of voice-over artists, and every character demands rather special narration and on-air speaking skills.

In the radio industry, voice-over artists are used to create advertisements, promotional materials, in addition to radio DJ clips. For TV, voiceovers are being used for news segments, advertisements, promo clips and on-air segments introducing news anchors along with other TV hosts. The initiatives unit of a TV channel generally handles the actual on-air promotions of voice-over segments.

In the corporate world, voiceovers are generally utilized to make training materials, online presentations as well as promo clips. Voice overs are often utilized to create sales and marketing sales pitches, video clip demonstrations intended for trade shows, conventions, as well as for coaching purposes. In some instances, a voice over artist is used to make a compilation of telephone information scripts or to narrate the voice over prompts for incoming callers. Retailers generally produce voice over scripts to be able to announce in-store promos.

In the film industry, voiceovers are utilized to be able to introduce a segment, or to provide narration. Voice over artists used to do this kind of work usually have experience working with films and cartoons, and may even be expected to modify his or her style to be able to play a particular role. Other in-demand areas for voice-over artists includes the making of audiobooks, online streaming audio tracks and web media presentations. These are all rapidly growing areas of the web that require a professional voice to support the actual programming, and voice-over artists who will be hired for a majority of these assignments typically have professional voice over training.


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