I Want Voice Over IP – Can You Do That?

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I Want Voice Over IP – Can You Do That?


Is something that I hear from time to time. And my question back is well what is it that you want to do with voice over IP? We can put it in but there are a lot of things that you need to look at before you actually install it.

You need to do a pre-installation network assessment to see if your network has the capability to handle the additional burden of internet protocol voice traffic. And so there is going to be some latency that needs to be addressed, jitter, packet loss. These items are addressed with this pre-installation network assessment so that it can be determined whether or not your network can actually handle it.

And then the question goes back to why do you want to do voice over internet protocol? Are there some features that you've heard about that want to have this or is it just kind of a trendy thing that you think you want to put in?

With digital phone systems already in place, a lot of times it's a lot easier to put in a new digital phone, if you want a new phone system. If you're sick of the phones you have, just replace it with another advanced digital system and save the burden because it's really labor intensive and you can really get pretty involved fixing the bugs.

I have read about some situations where it's a little regrettable after the fact because they have not done a lot of the work up front and the network is not quite up to par as far as where it needs to be. So, yes we can do it and if there are some special things that you think you want to use with it then get a hold of us individually, email us, give us a call and we'll see if we can answer your questions directly .

David Bridge


Source by David Bridge Jr.

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