How to Make a Smashing Voiceover Demo, Darling

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How to Make a Smashing Voiceover Demo, Darling


The biggest mistake VOs make when they go and record their demo is rocking up to the studio without having done any preparation. Most depend on the sound engineers to provide the scripts for them. So now they're using valuable studio time finding their feet with an unfamiliar script – something they could have done at home.

No ladies and germs. That studio time is costing you a fortune and you've got to make it count. The key is to have all your material in advance – and practice your you know what off before you ever get to the studio.

Here's how you can get your material together:

1. Listen to the radio and take note of the ads that you like. Keep a pen and paper handy, and copy the script. Then practice the script over and over. Not just in your head – but say it out loud. It does not have to be
an entire ad – it could also just be a snippet, like the announcer bit of an ad.

2. This is probably the best way to go about getting script material. Go to advertising awards websites that have radio sections. For example: Best Ads on TV – I think this is your best bet. Also look up the Irish Radio Awards website for the list of winners, as well as D & AD and Cannes Lions sites. There are tons of mp3s online of great international ads to choose from.

3. Another way of finding material is to go onto advertising agencies websites and look at the work they've done. Go to their TV or radio section and take sections from those scripts.

4. You can also ask your sound engineer to send you a few mp3s of scripts he has recorded in the past. You can choose a bit you like, copy down the script, and practice, practice, practice.

And that's all there is to it. The sound engineer will help you and guide you on the day, but you've got to bring something to the party. Otherwise it's just like flushing your money down the bog.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your sound studio is one that is used by the top agencies. Do not try to do your demo on the cheap – find the right guys for the job. Look for some good Dublin sound studios that you can inquire with to do your demo.


Source by James E Kennedy

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