How to Influence Via Voice Overs

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How to Influence Via Voice Overs


Think back to the last time you were persuaded by a salesman to make a purchase at a department store. Take a few moments to consider how they used their voice – not just words, but tone, inflection, emotion – to talk you into selling out your hard earned cash. After some reflection, it is plain to see the effect not just a voice but the right voice can have on your audio project. Even though, superficially, we may believe that a appearance takes precedence over vocal talent, the fact of the matter is that people are programmed to respond to vocal cues. And, in some instances (such as radio spots), looks become completely surpassed to requirements anyway, and voice becomes the center of the universe, albeit temporarily.

Simply and honestly speaking, a person who is capable of and understands how to use their voice as a tool can effectively control another person if they play their cards right. This may sound like an exaggeration, but after some consideration you will realize that not only is it the truth, but that it happens all the time.

It may seem like actors and actresses are the beautiful people, but in reality beautiful people are a dime a dozen. It takes more than good looks to be consistently employed in the entertainment industry. It takes charisma as well. And what is charisma if not utilizing the tool that is your voice to its maximum potential? Think about some of the most famous actors and actresses in Hollywood – chances are you can imagine the sounds of their voices as easily as you can picture their faces.

Among the most famous and distinct voices in Hollywood are Kathleen Turner and Clint Eastwood. While neither one is or ever has been exactly hard on the eyes, neither one possesses a truly incredible level of attractiveness. If anything, they are just above average, looks-wise. However, they are two of the best known names in the industry, and the reason is their voices. Indeed, Kathleen Turner has one of the most distinct and memorable female voices EVER in Hollywood. It is gravelly, low, and seductive, and it gives her a depth and sex appeal that is essentially unparallel.

Along the same lines, Clint Eastwood is not necessarily the hottest actor in Tinsel Town. However, he is one of the most recognizable. In fact, his deep, distinct, rugged sounding voice is his trademark. Even as a fledgling actor, Clint knew how to use his voice to its fullest, and in doing so consistently, he carved out a niche for himself among Hollywood stars that no one else can fill.

Of course, neither Clint Eastwood nor Kathleen Turner is likely to be available for your next voice over gig. However, by studying their example and the impact they have had on modern cinema, you can clearly see how the right voice talent can make or break any audio project, either it incorporates film or not. Indeed, hiring a capable voice talent has the potential to propel any project you are working on to the next level.


Source by Siobhan Denton

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