How to Hire a Professional Voice Over Talent

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How to Hire a Professional Voice Over Talent


So, you’re working on a new website, or have this great project planned out, that is in need of a great voice over. You go directly to Google and type in ‘need a voice over’, and now have just under a million sites you can search hooray! …that’s if you had all the time in the world, where most of us don’t!

It would be great as well, if all the talent out there was top shelf material, but like every other industry, there are all types and levels of voice over artists, which can make it difficult and time consuming to find the right voice for you.

But this diversity is a great thing, as the diverse supply, meets the diverse demand. Meaning, there are so many different sounding voiceover talents out there, at all different levels, but there are also a huge spectrum of gigs out there that have a specific place for each and every style and level of talent.

What you need to first do, is figure out what type of voice will suite your project. Are you looking for a male voice or female, hard tone or soft, real or broadcast? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, before you begin your search for the perfect voice.

Once you have figured out the voice you’re looking for, you can narrow down your search. Also, do some research, to see what voice works best with your demographic? A friend once told me that 80% more people will leave a message on a voicemail machine when there is a women’s voice at the other end verses a man. Its gives you something to think about.

Okay, so you have now narrowed down the sound you’re looking for, and you can begin your search. You can do one of two things. You can be the hunter, or relax and have people find you.

You can search out professional voice over sites that cater to both clients and voice over talents, who will match you up with potential talents that posses the skills and qualifications you need. This method is great as you can hear many auditions in one place. The only downfall is that it is still through a third-party, and it becomes difficult to communicate with your chosen talent.

The second is you being the hunter. Check out popular sites that offer voice over talent and pick out a few you like, and contact them directly. Most will have their own website, as they are true professionals and have been in the industry for many years.

Going directly to the voice over talent, will allow you to build a relationship, and hopefully it will become a long-term gig, where they are available to you going forward. This way, you have someone you trust, that can deliver on time and charge reasonable rates, without having to relay on a third-party. You’ll have a voice over guy or gal that you can now depend on to do all you voice over needs!

Finding the right voice over talent for you my not be easy, but when you find a great one, they always be there when you need them!


Source by Victoria Brighton

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