How to Get Cheaper Calls in 2011 Using VoIP

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How to Get Cheaper Calls in 2011 Using VoIP


Service providers of VoIP technology (Voice over internet protocol) can expect to gain an increase in the numbers signing up for the service in 2011 as people strive for a cost effective way to make calls.

The technology provides a much cheaper alternative than that offered up by a traditional landline service.

Although the jargon used in its name may make VoIP seem incredibly confusing, it really isn’t. Instead of operating via a landline VoIP utilises a broadband connection to make calls.

This is possible in three different ways, the first of which uses a computer with a connected headset mimicking the traditional phone and receiver system.

The second way is via a specially provided VoIP enabled handset (usually included at the start of a contract by the service provider). VoIP handsets, in the majority of cases, don’t really look too dissimilar to a typical headset.

But for those who may not be fond of change or just wary of this new handset system, a special adapter attached to the phone allows for a standard handset to make VoIP calls.

VoIP also allows for cheap calls to be made not just domestically, but also internationally.

Providers can offer this service due to a system known as Least Cost Routing. The way in which this technology operates is by taking the voice call made using a VoIP phone and converting it into data format. Various locations where the call can be sent are then scouted out before the call is then converted back into VoIP format.

It is this system that also allows for flexible general rates.

Most VoIP service providers offer up free calls made by VoIP consumer to VoIP consumer. Some of these service providers will also allow for customers to pick one other location (different from the one where VoIP is being installed (in most cases one they would make regular VoIP calls to)) where free calls can be made no matter how big the distance.

As mentioned before, VoIP phones are very similar to the standard, more traditional set. Most come with a cradle, but instead of connecting to a phone line, it will instead be connected into the back of a broadband router.

A lot of service providers will designate a unique phone number for the VoIP phone. This not only makes VoIP cost effective but also versatile. Those who want to make a call to a VoIP phone from a standard phone can do so because of this.

Standard telephone services have also be made available by many VoIP service providers such as caller ID, three-way calling and repeat dial amongst many others.

For those worried about long confusing spells spent trying to set the system up, they need not worry. Most phones are ready from the get go straight from the box, which provides that accessibility to make cheaper VoIP calls from the very start.

While VoIP has already consolidated the foundations of its reputation as a cheaper alternative to the standard method of telecoms, don’t be surprised if even more greater strides are made during 2011.


Source by Costas Kariolis

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