How To Get A Free Voip – Voice Over IP?

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How To Get A Free Voip – Voice Over IP?


VoIP is the transmission of voice traffic over IP networks.
It's an internet advent which is known as Voice over Internet
Protocol. VoIP is a new technology which allows you to bypass
a traditional telecommunication companies to get your own
low cost call through your computer.

How To Get Free Voip or Voice Over IP?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology enables you
to make and receive free phone calls over the internet.
You can only receive a call from other people who have
downloaded the same piece of software. In some case, it is
only a PC to PC system. For example, if you've downloaded
Skype VoIP software, you can only make and receive calls
from other people who have Skype.

How To Make A Call With VoIP?

VoIP allows you to make a call directly from:
– your computer,
– a special VoIP phone,
– a traditional phone connected to an adapter.

When you're using a VoIP service, your voice is sent
through the Internet in a digital signal form. When you
call a person who uses a traditional phone lines, your
voice will be converted into a regular telephone
signal before it reaches the destination.

What Do You Need as VoIP Equipment?

To get the most out of your VoIP technology, you need:
a broadband (high speed Internet) connection such as
a local area network or high speed services (DSL).
You also need:

– a computer,

– an adapter,

– or specialized phone

– some software

– an inexpensive microphone

In most cases you can use your Computer while talking
on the Phone. VoIP technology offers services and
features a traditional phone companies do not. VoIP
calling is no different than using any other type of
telephone. You can save money by eliminating the need
for a phone line and paying only for high speed
internet access.


Source by Juste Gnimavo

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