How To Create Voice Overs For Video

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How To Create Voice Overs For Video


If you are marketing on the internet, you can not have failed to notice the awful growth of video. Whereas in the past, it was just text, and later possibly audio, now video has exploded as THE medium for driving traffic to your website. With sites such as YouTube allowing people to upload your videos at no cost, there has never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon, and begin using video as part of your creative marketing. Of course, the video needs to be professionally created, if it is to create the right impression. Often, it is the quality of the audio, especially the spoken audio, that lets down marketing videos. That is why it is so important to learn how to create voice overs for video.

The first step in learning how to create voice overs for video is to realize that a lot of the competition is not that great. Even some of the household names in internet marketing, who normally produce impressive products which get highly valued by their peers, have been known to produce products with audio that just sounds amateurish, and can even be difficult to hear, or make out the words that are being spoken. Very few marketers are really learning how to become their own voice over artists, and doing the best job they can to produce professional sounding audio.

By learning how to create voice overs for video, you can gain an advantage over your competition, even if that competition includes household names. With the great boom in video being used for marketing, everyone it looks is now creating their own videos, and the audio quality, overall, is not great. That means opportunity for you, if you can learn to produce audio well, and become your own voice over artist. You will need to obtain the right equipment, especially the right microphone, or else you will be doomed to fail right from the start. You will be pleased to know that this does not necessarily mean just going out and buying the most expensive equipment you can.

Another crucible factor in learning how to create voice overs for video, is getting the recording environment right. Even if you are using the best microphone, and equipment, that you possibly can, it still makes a big difference if your microphone is not placed in the proper place, or if there are flaws in the room which lead to undesired noise or effects. These are the areas in which so many people do not take enough care, or simply do not have enough knowledge, to get things right. Take the time to learn the skill properly, and you will have a big competitive edge.

As well as learning how to create voice overs for video, you can also learn to have your own voice over artist for your ebooks as well. The same equipment can be used to create a basic audio file, which can then be embedded into your e-book, provided as a separate audio file such as an MP3, or streamed from your web site using flash. This is absolutely certain to make you stand out from your competition. Think about how many e-books you own, and then think about how many of them contain embedded audio. By doing this, your product will have a higher perceived value, and you can expect to make more sales at the same price point than you would with just a standard e-book full of text.


Source by Virginia Culp

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