How Can A Voice Over Effect Your Company's Image?

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How Can A Voice Over Effect Your Company's Image?


Somewhere along the line, many business people realize that a good way to become successful is to look as if you are already successful. Most people are not altruistic at the core. Although you hear good natured stories of people giving a kid a chance or patronizing a new business to help a fledgling get their foot in the door, these are guardian angel stories, and a startup company is not going to be able to sustain itself on the generosity of others. You have to convince a lot of folks.

Benjamin Franklin was aware of this when he opened his first venture, which is why he rushed around pretending to fill orders. Because people thought that others in town were doing business with him, they also decided to give him their business. You have to do the same thing – portray yourself as successful wherever you are still successful or not.

And even if you Are having success in you business, you still have to flaunt it a bit. If people do not know that everyone is already doing business with you, they are less likely to want to do business with you too. Sad but true. Luckily, some of the things you can do in order to look successful are simple and not incredibly expensive. Hiring a voice artist to handle things like outgoing voicemail and answering machine messages is one of those things. Sure, you could do it yourself rather than hiring a professional, but then that makes you seem just a little too available.

The trick is to be accessible, but to not seem that way. Therefore, every time you DO communicate with one of your clients, they will feel more special. They like the way that makes them feel, so they'll keep you their business. Your voice talent can help you to create that impression. In fact, your voice artist will probably make your clients feel better about hearing a recorded message, than your voice alone would. That's because of the professional nature of hiring a voice artist for your company's image.

Hiring voice talent to handle voice mails can give you an better image because it makes you seem to have another employee, or at the very least, shows people that you are sophisticated enough to purchase professional-services. And that is a very important buzzword. Hiring a voice over talent will make you seem like a professional yourself. You're a professional consultant, for instance – you do not make your voicemail any more than you would fix your electrical wiring. You are smart enough to know when to hire a professional -including a professional voice actor. People will notice that, even on a subconscious level, and they will gravitate toward you.

No matter what kind of business you are in, even if you are the person who repairs the consultant's plumbing, hiring a voice talent to handle your voice messages will make you look more professional. Nothing can build or destroy a business like it's image – except maybe their performance. But no one will know what the quality of your work is if they do not give you a chance, and they will not give you a chance if you do not have a strong image. A professional voice artist can help you to become the company you aspire to become.


Source by Terry Daniel

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