Hiring Union Voice Over Talent For Your Commercial

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Hiring Union Voice Over Talent For Your Commercial


For smaller companies that are not based in Los Angeles or New York, the idea of ​​actually hiring a Hollywood based voice over artist may seem out of reach. In reality, it's but a phone call and agreement away.

Should you go union or non-union with your project? It's a decision only you can make. But if voice over actors who are union or financial core had their druthers, they'd rather choose you union (Screen Actors Guild [SAG] or [American Federation of Television And Radio Artists [AFTRA]). The benefits to the voiceover actor are obvious, but what do you get out this arrangement?

When you hire union voice talent, you're getting a seasoned professional who has national experience and a keen sense of what works best for television broadcast commercials and national radio. If you've ever watched late night television, chances are you've heard what it sounds like to hire non-union talent. Contrast that with the commercials you see and hear during your favorite primetime show and you've just experienced a clear example of the benefits of hiring union.

Also, for larger budgeted projects, or companies that will be doing broadcast media work on a semi-regular basis, "going union" is imperative in becoming a member of the entertainment industry and working with name talent. Unfortunately, the process to go union can be a bit cumbersome. That's where business affairs companies can be utilized.

Many business affairs companies operate as a bridge to union aspects of production. Essentially, you can run your project through them to qualify as a SAG or AFTRA job. They will ensure you are following all the steps required by SAG or AFTRA, and you will be paying your voice over talent the union rate. Most of these types of companies will work on a per project basis.

American Residuals and Talent (818-704-1243), Checks In Motion (965-433-8080) and Coordinet (415-332-5411) are three examples of such a company. Going union or non-union is your decision. But if you want to employ union workers, you need to work through SAG / AFTRA by way of one of these types of companies.


Source by Martin J. Gould

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